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Tamper Evident Security Tape adheres to difficult surfaces.

Press Release Summary:

Jul 29, 2014 - Applicable to such difficult surfaces as stretch wrap, shrink film, and recycled corrugated cartons in temperatures down to +20°F, PVT and EVT Series indicate tampering within 1 min of application. Service temperature ranges from -40 to +200°F, and 2 mil polyester film construction promotes strength during shipping/handling. Offered in 1, 2, and 3 in. widths, TSA-CCSP compliant tapes also support printed serial numbers, printed instructions, and customizations.

Original Press Release

Premium Tamper Evident Security Tape, PVT & EVT Series from NovaVision Inc.

Press release date: Jul 01, 2014

BOWLING GREEN, Ohio — Today, NovaVision Inc. announces a new line of tamper evident security tape – our PVT & EVT Series.

Our new tapes have an improved formula to indicate tampering on difficult surfaces such as stretch wrap, shrink film and recycled corrugated cartons.     The tamper evidence is designed to function within one 1 minute of application.

And they are TSA-CCSP Compliant (like all of our tamper evident tapes)

PVT and EVT tapes are available in both stock and customized versions.

Maximum Compatibility and Versatility
Our PVT and EVT series tapes are versatile and are suitable for most applications. However, we recommend testing tape samples in actual conditions before product is ordered. We offer free samples so you can test and verify the selected tape will meet your specific needs.

• Surface Compatibility
Based on our lab tests and customer feedback, our tape performs on a wide range of material surfaces including many difficult surfaces such as recycled cardboard (without tearing the surface), pallet films, plastic surfaces and textured surfaces.

• Refrigeration and Freezer Applications
Our PVT and EVT tapes can be APPLIED in cold temperatures as low as +20F.

• Service Temperature
After application, our PVT and EVT tapes are suitable for service temperatures ranging from -40F to +200F.

• Standard Sizes
We have a large selection of 2 in wide tape, the most common size used on shipping cartons. We also have 1 inch wide and 3 inch wide tapes.

• Thicker Film
Our PVT and EVT tapes are constructed of thicker film (2mil polyester) than many competitive tapes. The thicker film provides additional strength during shipping and handling.

Multiple Security Features Available
In addition to the tamper evident feature, additional features are available, including:

• Printed Serial Numbers - A unique number improves security. Record the number as needed for added security.
• Plain Tape - No obvious signs that the tape is tamper evident minimizes attention to a package during shipping.
• Printed Instructions on the Tape - Additional printing can serve as a deterrent to tampering.
• Custom Printed Tape - Customizations improve security.
• Tape Width - Using 1 inch and 3 inch wide tapes make it easier to detect tampered cartons that are resealed with conventional 2 inch wide tape.
• After removing, since most of the adhesive transfers to the surface, the tape cannot be reused.
• Perforation – can be used as individual seals or a continuous roll

Pricing Information
Pricing and ordering information is available at:

About NovaVision Inc.
Founded in 1994, NovaVision Inc. is an industry leader in the manufacture and sale of anti-counterfeiting and anti-tampering products, including hologram labels, tamper evident stickers, security tape, cable seals, bolt seals, and plastic hasp seals.  NovaVision has a global reach, and is a provider of products to domestic (federal, state, and local) and international governments, large international companies, retailers, brand owners, hospitals, banks, as well as pharmaceutical, logistics, and collectibles companies.

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