Tamper-Evident Labels have water detection capability.

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Difficult to copy, WetCheck label protects manufacturers from faulty damage claims on products by providing guaranteed water detection and tamper evidence. When exposed to water, adhesive labels react by displaying bright red mark that remains even after label dries. Products are offered in sizes down to 0.14 x 0.24 in. and come in Basic, Plus, Advanced, and Standard versions. All labels work in hot and humid environments.

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Schreiner Label Tech Announces New Label Protecting Manufacturers from Unjustified Warranty Claims

Schreiner WetCheck label: The mini detective against misuse.

SOUTHFIELD, MI - May 15, 2006 - Schreiner Label Tech today announced the introduction of the WetCheck label, a new type of adhesive labeling system designed to protect manufacturers from faulty damage claims on products.

Consumer electronics are frequently subjected to physical abuse or damage caused by exposure to water. While physical abuse is easily identified, water detection is more difficult. What follows is the unjustified and costly expectation of full warranty coverage. Without positive detection of water exposure, the manufacturer can be held liable for repairs. Now there is a simple solution protecting manufacturers from unjustified warranty claims: WetCheck labels from Schreiner.

Schreiner has decades of anti-counterfeiting technology experience from producing pharmaceutical, general industrial and governmental labeling products. This experience and technology has been applied to its line of WetCheck labels as well. The result is a product which guarantees water detection, is extremely difficult to copy, and provides tamper evidence if removal is attempted.

When exposed to water, Schreiner WetCheck labels react by displaying a bright red mark, which remains even after the label has dried. Prior to exposure to water, the moisture indicator is invisible. The labels work in hot and humid environments and have been confirmed to withstand the most extreme environmental conditions.

Schreiner WetCheck labels are available in Basic, Plus, Advanced and Standard versions - and even in very small sizes (0.14" x 0.24 "). All versions are delivered on reels and can be automatically applied in a single process step. For added value, combinations with pre-printed labels, such as name or rating plates, are also possible. In addition, the Advanced version allows custom designs of the moisture indicator.

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