Tallygenicom Offers Unique 'Fast Track Engineering' Printer Customization Service to Its Customers and Reseller Partners

TallyGenicom Engineering Teams Create Custom Software and Hardware Solutions Specific to Individual Business Needs

Chantilly, Va., December 9, 2008 - TallyGenicom, a leading provider of business-class printers, today announced its "Fast Track Engineering" service offering for customers and valued reseller partners. "Fast Track Engineering" is a professional service offered by TallyGenicom that delivers customized printing solutions for specific business functions. From heavy-duty line printers and fast and efficient color lasers to its latest line of hybrid thermal printers, TallyGenicom's team of experts work to solve customers' most complicated printing requirements.

"More often than not, standard-issue printing solutions simply do not address the specific needs of today's sophisticated business functions and this is where TallyGenicom's "Fast Track Engineering" team comes in," said Wil Wong, Manager of Fast Track Engineering at TallyGenicom. "The ability to offer these unique professional services is a true differentiator in the market and we are proud to offer our customers and reseller partners TallyGenicom's unique and personalized customization capabilities."

TallyGenicom's engineers undergo stringent training on all TallyGenicom printer products and leverage that deep experience and knowledge base to provide the best pre- and post-sales care and modifications of the customer's product. Many of TallyGenicom's existing users, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), value-added resellers (VARs) and distributors are already taking full advantage of the "Fast Track Engineering" service.

One example of TallyGenicom's engineering team at work includes a 9-1-1 Administration in North Carolina that utilized "Fast Track Engineering" for its Fire Printer Network (FPN) 9-1-1 Call Delivery System to shave critical seconds off of the response time at its 42 fire stations. TallyGenicom built a custom solution that allowed the organization to pre-program maps into dispatch sheets and connect responders' pagers, PDAs and mobile devices to the printers so that they could receive dispatch sheets in the event that an emergency situation compromises telephone lines.

"TallyGenicom's engineering team truly listened to the unique challenges of our organization and built a solution we never thought possible from a printer company," said Wil Wong, Manager of Fast Track Engineering at TallyGenicom. "With this customized solution incorporated, the county's firefighters are now able to decrease response times and realize mission critical value that simply could not be achieved with off-the-shelf printers."

The TallyGenicom "Fast Track Engineering" service is currently available to its first-party customers, as well as a service offering to current and potential customers of its valued reseller partners.

About TallyGenicom

TallyGenicom is one of the largest companies in the world focused exclusively on providing printers, printer supplies and printer parts and service, as well as a complete line of compatible toner, inkjet and ribbons for use with other popular product brands. TallyGenicom printers are designed and manufactured to perform critical, business-specific printing tasks in industries such as healthcare, transportation, manufacturing, warehousing and retail.

TallyGenicom Worldwide Headquarters are in the United States in Chantilly, VA near Washington, D.C. Elsewhere in the Americas, TallyGenicom maintains facilities in Kent, WA; Waynesboro, VA; McAllen, TX; and Reynosa, Mexico. Its EMEA sales, marketing and finance HQ is in Basingstoke, UK with logistics centered in Ulm, Germany. Other key offices are located in Paris, Vienna, Milan, Madrid, Moscow, Singapore, Beijing, Dubai UAE and Johannesburg. The company does business as TallyGenicom in the Americas and markets its products there under the TallyGenicom brands. For more information go to www.tallygenicom.com or call 1-800-436-4266.

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