Taking a Closer Look at Hedwin Pail and Drum Liners

A look into storing as many different kinds of materials as possible in Hedwin pail and drum liners starts by discussing the two basic types of liners we provide:

Film Liner – Our film liners are meant for use with viscous products and dry flowables, such as powder laundry detergent. These are one piece, semi-rigid bag liners. Each liner is extruded as a long tube and cut to length, and then one end is heat sealed closed through a secondary sealing process. We also offer a version of this liner with a flat, circular bottom. In this case, the manufacture of each liner still begins by extruding a long tube and cutting it to length. Then, instead of being immediately heat sealed the liner is first pulled over a mandrill, and then a flat, circular disk is put on the bottom and heat sealed to the extruded tube. This is done to keep product from getting trapped in the bottom of the liner. The circular bottom enables the liner to stay conformed to the sides of the drum or pail, thereby allowing for better evacuation of the product being stored.

Vacuum Formed Liner – Our vacuum formed liners are ideally suited for liquids and mixing applications. Each liner is one molded piece, with no secondary processes involved. They're more robust than the film liners, ensuring that they won't be broken by a mixer.

Beyond the basic liner types, we offer a number of customizable features and optional add-ons. Our film liners come in mil thicknesses of 2 to 12mm. Our vacuum formed liners are available in thicknesses from 10 to 18mm. As for overall volume, most of our liners are available in sizes ranging from 2 gallons all the way up to 55 gallons. We also have the capability to manufacture custom sizes.

We can provide custom shapes and complex geometries as well. We've manufactured liners for use in manufacturing kettles, as well as pressure sprayers. We can handle any geometric shape within the limitations of our equipment.

We can also insert a divider that allows for two park packaging. This is often utilized for epoxy type products where the two different parts of the product need to be kept separated. Our dividers make it possible to ship both pre-proportioned parts in the same container.

Hedwin pail and drum liners are made from low density polyethylene or linear low density polyethylene. In the case of unique material and project requirements, we can add additives to create anti-static liners, static dissipative liners and conductive liners, among others.

Most of the time our customers here at Hedwin come to us knowing the specifications of the liner they need. But if not, we can take them through a sampling process, starting with a common liner and testing it for their specific application. It's all part of our commitment to provide the highest quality plastic packaging solutions.

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