Take Advantage of Logistics Company Commonwealth Inc.'s Rail Freight Experience

Outsourcing shipping and warehousing to a third party logistics company is a proven method for generating significant cost savings for your company. However, many industries involving paper, metal, lumber, or chemical shipments require specialized services to realize significant reductions in shipping costs. To better serve these businesses, Commonwealth Inc.offers rail options as part of their comprehensive warehousing and shipping service.

Centrally located within the United States and home to one of the largest rail yards in the country, Cincinnati is an ideal site for managing your rail freight shipment. The primary warehouse Commonwealth Inc. uses to transload rail freight can handle three boxcars at a time, with the ability to switch daily. A secondary facility is also available, and both are located just a few miles down the track from the main rail yard, making car switching much easier and more affordable.

Unlike many other logistics providers, the rail service offered by Commonwealth Inc. is one of their core competencies. As a CSXT Premiere Provider and registered Norfolk Southern Network Distribution Warehouse, they have years of experience managing every aspect of rail transportation for a huge range of industries. They operate their own equipment in curtained and insulated rail docks, preventing weather conditions from delaying or impeding your shipment.

Experienced and professional rail service differentiates Commonwealth Inc.from other logistics providers, helping your company cut freight shipping costs while increasing the safety and reliability of your supply line.

Visit their website to learn more about their range of services or call (513) 791-1966 to discuss options.

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