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Sun Java System RFID Tag and Ship Solution is a packaged tagging system for vendors who need to rapidly implement RFID tagging to meet retail mandates. It enables users to process RFID tagged cases or pallets at 1-2 sec/unit. System contains Sun W2100z workstation/monitor, Sun Java(TM) System RFID Software, Printronix RFID printer, RFID reader, and barcode reader. Sun RFID Reference Architecture helps customers design RFID infrastructure and plan for required system demands.

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Sun Microsystems Unveils Sun Java System Tag and Ship Solution and Sun RFID Reference Architecture

New Offerings Help Customers Cost-Effectively Address Immediate RFID Requirements and Plan for Future Integration

NEW YORK, National Retail Federation Convention, Booth 759, Jan. 17 - Sun Microsystems, Inc. (NASDAQ:SUNW), today announced the availability of the Sun Java(TM) System RFID Tag and Ship Solution and the Sun RFID Reference Architecture. Sun also announced its plans to create RFID Industry Solution Architectures (ISAs) to meet the unique RFID requirements of vertical markets including: government, manufacturing, pharmaceutical and retail. In addition, Sun and SeeBeyond outlined plans for the forthcoming RFID ISA for Retail, which will offer complete, integrated RFID solution designed specifically for retailers.

The Sun Java System RFID Tag and Ship ISA Solution is a simple, entry-level RFID solution that enables customers to address specific RFID compliance requests, such as those from retailers including: Wal-Mart, Target and Albertsons, as well as the U.S. Department of Defense and other organizations. For customers looking to do more with RFID and integrate RFID data with back-end enterprise systems, the Sun RFID Reference Architecture provides essential guidelines through a designed, tested, tuned, and documented proof-of-concept deployment architecture. The Sun RFID ISAs will build on the foundation provided by the RFID Reference Architecture and leverage the expertise Sun has gained from working on customer deployments, to enable specific business benefits, such as improved process efficiencies, for customers in a particular industry.

"Sun realizes that our customers are looking at RFID technology in a variety of ways and we are leveraging our years of experience with RFID and Network Computing to provide programs and solutions to address their unique deployment needs. Our new RFID Tag and Ship Solution and RFID Reference Architecture, as well as our upcoming RFID Industry Solution Architectures are designed to help our customers manage RFID data across highly dynamic business environments and to maximize the efficiency of their RFID systems and resources. By using these solutions as a foundation for RFID deployment, customers can decrease their time to deployment and see increased levels of efficiencies and cost savings," said Vijay Sarathy, director, RFID product marketing and strategy, Sun Microsystems.

Sun Java System RFID Tag and Ship Solution
Sun Java System RFID Tag and Ship is a cost-effective, packaged tagging solution for vendors who need to rapidly implement RFID tagging in order to meet immediate demands and retail mandates. It enables customers to process RFID tagged cases or pallets at the rate of approximately one to two seconds per unit and is designed to help customers meet retail mandates in approximately one week.

In addition to Sun software specifically customized for this offering, the RFID Tag and Ship Solution contains everything a customer needs to get started with RFID: a Sun W2100z workstation and monitor, the Sun Java(TM) System RFID Software, a Printronix RFID printer, an RFID reader and a barcode reader. The RFID Tag and Ship Solution includes onsite hardware and software configuration and user training. More information about the Sun RFID Tag and Ship Solution can be found at: www.sun.com/rfid .

"With the availability of its new RFID solutions, Sun delivers innovative ways for customers to address specific RFID compliance requirements and mandates," said Robert A. Kleist, president and chief executive officer, Printronix Inc. "Printronix is proud to provide a key component of the Sun Java System RFID Tag and Ship Solution. With the inclusion of our SmartLine SL5000e MP as Sun's preferred printer, vendors can implement RFID tagging and meet immediate demands easily."

Sun RFID Reference Architecture
Sun RFID Reference Architecture is the latest in an established methodology that identifies, designs, builds, tests and optimizes Sun technology and premier third-party business applications for safer, more efficient deployments, which yield more predictable performance within a customer's business environment. Sun RFID Reference Architecture is built upon a foundation of RFID best practices and methodologies, which address performance and scalability for tracking RFID product movement. Through this new offering Sun will help customers to design their RFID infrastructure and plan for the required system demands. Customers can expect to reduce their overall implementation costs through access to Sun's proven design, implementation and sizing.

The Sun RFID Reference Architecture is the only reference architecture freely available to customers and partners to help make the transition to an RFID based real-time enterprise easier and more cost-effective. By utilizing the Sun RFID Reference Architecture methodologies and proof of concept at the planning stages of their RFID implementation, customers can design and size their infrastructure and reducing their overall deployment time. The Sun RFID Reference Architecture proof of concept may be scheduled through Sun iForce(SM) centers around the world and more information can be found at www.sun.com/service/refarch/ .

Sun RFID Industry Solution Architectures
Sun RFID customers are looking for end-to-end solutions that can help them achieve improved business efficiencies by applying RFID to specific business processes in their particular industry. In response, Sun is packaging its RFID technology, product and service offerings, along with that of its partners, for application in specific scenarios in selected industries.

Sun and SeeBeyond - RFID ISA for Retail
The RFID ISA for Retail is currently under joint development by Sun and SeeBeyond. It is intended to provide customers with an end-to-end solution that addresses the specific business challenges of retailers and fully leverages the power of RFID data. For example, the RFID ISA for Retail can help customers optimize their backstore and warehouse inventory management through improved supply chain visibility. More information on the RFID ISA for Retail will be available later this quarter.

"The initial deployment of RFID technology provides a foundation for the structural changes that affect how companies execute business processes fundamental to their success," said Reed Henry, senior vice president of Business Development, Strategic Alliances & North America Marketing, SeeBeyond. "Through this joint development effort, Sun and SeeBeyond will provide advanced solutions to the Retail market to enable next generation SOA-based RFID applications, quickly maximizing the value of RFID data."

About Sun Java System RFID Software
The Sun Java System RFID Software, currently available on the Solaris(TM) Operating System and Linux, streamlines the management of RFID hardware including tags and readers. The Sun Java System RFID Software represents a key component of the Sun RFID system strategy, which also includes global client services, global RFID test centers, Sun hardware and storage, and key solution partners for RFID. For more information on Sun Java System RFID Software go to www.sun.com/rfid.

About Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Since its inception in 1982, a singular vision - "The Network Is The Computer(TM)" -- has propelled Sun Microsystems, Inc. to its position as a leading provider of industrial-strength hardware, software and services that make the Net work. Sun can be found in more than 100 countries and on the World Wide Web at www.sun.com/. Subscribe to Sun newswire at http://sun.com/news.

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