T-Slot Covers facilitate swarf removal.

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T-Slot Clean covers aid in comprehensive removal of swarf from T-slots in machining area of mill or machining center to accelerate changeover to subsequent batch runs. Products also reduce inaccuracies due to chips causing misalignment when component is clamped. Pushed into T-slots over all areas of machine table where they are not being used to clamp fixtures, strips are retained by spring-loaded sides, slightly wider than slots, that prevent swarf and coolant ingress.

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T-Slot Covers Aid Swarf Removal

T-slots in a machine table tend to harbour swarf and make it difficult to remove. To avoid the problem, BIG Daishowa has introduced a range of covers, called T-Slot Clean, through UK agent, NCMT.

The ability to remove swarf quickly and comprehensively from the machining area of a mill or machining centre helps to speed changeover to the next batch run. It also reduces the chances of inaccuracies occurring due to chips causing misalignment when a component is clamped.

The strips come in three widths, 14, 18 and 22 mm, and three lengths, 100, 400 and 1,000 mm, although they can easily be cut to achieve different lengths.

The operator simply pushes the strips into the T-slots over all areas of the machine table where they are not being used to clamp fixtures. The strips are retained by spring-loaded sides that are slightly wider than the slots, preventing swarf and coolant from entering.

Brushing away the swarf is therefore much easier, as it is not necessary to target each T-slot. For machining applications that use copious amounts of coolant, the table is kept virtually swarf free, avoiding the risk of unwanted heat build-up in the machining area.

Quick removal of the covers is achieved using a special tool provided.

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