T.S.R., Inc Introduces new Stripping & Twisting machine by Nitronic

T.S.R, Inc., is proud to introduce Nitronic Electronic's new ST215 Stripping & Twisting machine. With the growing demand for thin cable processing the ST215 is an innovative solution for processing microcoax, Teflon or Kapton coated cables. The ST215 is also known for it's efficient handing of many military and aerospace applications.

One of the many key features is the infinitely adjustable "Centering Unit", which assures cables' are centered respectively to the cutting blades. This feature eliminates any quality issues caused by human error. Other key benefits include, a sensor activated start cycle, easy adjustable diameter feed rate, and quick length & diameter control.

Nitronic's innovative products along with T.S.R.'s knowledgeable sales force will continue to provide customers with a true partner for their thin cable processing needs. T.S.R. currently has offices in Eastport, Michigan and Southern California. T.S.R. has a network of reps in North America, and Mexico.

For more information on Nitronic Electronic's please contact: TSR, 5185 North US Hwy 31, Eastport, MI, 49627. Phone: 231-599-9956, Fax: 231-599-2965, Email: contact@tsr-mi.com, website: www.tsr-mi.com | http://www.youtube.com/timtsr

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