System performs 3-component drying, blending, and conveying.

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Stand-alone system allows individual drying parameters for 3 components - such as virgin, regrind, and colorant - and then mixes and conveys components on demand. Equipped with 4-bed dryer and sealed mixing chamber, system offers individual temperature controls for each component material and includes volumetric mixing (variable and fixed rate) augers placed under each hopper. Changing colorant/regrind ratios is possible via 10-turn potentiometers in control panel.

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Dri-Air Introduces Innovative Solution for Three Component Drying, Blending & Conveying

(Dri-Air Industries, Inc., East Windsor, CT, March, 2006)- In addition to their comprehensive line-up of standard dryers, Dri-Air Industries has introduced a new solution for drying, blending and conveying three different components. This system allows individual drying parameters for three components, such as virgin, regrind and colorant, and then mixes and conveys the components on demand, providing the highest part-to-part consistency and eliminating costly material waste.

With most other systems the regrind and colorant materials are not dried therefore creating part defects. And, if these materials are dried, often they are pre-blended and the entire mix is dried at the same temperature causing degradation of the polymer or ineffective drying. Often the materials require different temperatures since the colorant may have a different base material from the virgin resin and the regrind has already had one heat history. "Not only does our system offer individual temperature controls for each component material, maximizing the end product quality, this system eliminates the waste of pre-mixed batches that may or may not be used in the future" says Manny Salinas, Regional Sales Manager from Dri-Air Industries, Inc.

This space saving, compact design is combined onto one frame and includes Dri-Air's exclusive volumetric mixing (variable & fixed rate) augers placed under each hopper. Resins are dispensed into a common take-off box and conveyed with dry air therefore eliminating the risk of regaining any moisture. The dispensing augers offer the highest accuracy level at ±8 pellets on the colorant hoppers at a process rate of 100 lbs/hr. Changing colorant and/or regrind ratios on-the-fly are simple due to the 10-turn potentiometers incorporated into the control panel. Dri-Air offers their patented 4-bed, high performance dryer for this system which features no moving parts and dew point levels below -100ºF for faster drying.

This stand-alone system is ideal for clean room environment applications, with a sealed mixing chamber eliminating potential contamination of the materials. The system will be on display at the NPE 2006 show - booth # 5561.

"Dri-Air is committed to providing the most innovative drying solutions to the industry," adds Salinas. "Our engineering experience to conceptualize, design and build custom systems such as this one allows us to be highly responsive to our customer's needs."

Dri-Air Industries is a leader in drying technology. Our plastics drying and loading systems offer a full range of solutions for drying plastic resins, mixing, blending and conveying virgin, regrind and plastic colorants. We offer advanced microprocessor control, stainless steel insulated hoppers, closed-loop loading systems and full-flo electric dryer valves.

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