System finds geological structures within Earth's surface.

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Comprised of 16 wireless sensors, impact generator, and intuitive user interface, SWIPS(TM) Surface Wave Intelligent Profiling System enables users to analyze, model, and visualize physical and mechanical properties of solids in non-invasive manner. Through MicroMentis Platform, SWIPS Wizard and Drill Hole Wizard help users integrate complementary data, plan work, gather data, plan drill holes, incorporate drill hole properties, and support project modeling and evaluation.

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MicroMentis Launches Novel Non-Invasive Analysis Platform for Mining Applications in North America

New platform allows mining firms to 'see differently' - allowing them to analyze, model and visualize physical and mechanical properties without having to first drill

LAS VEGAS, Sept. 22 /- MINEXPO (BOOTH # 373) -- MicroMentis (, a Canadian-based leader in solids technology, today debuted the industry's first non-invasive platform in North America for rapidly testing and finding geological structures within the Earth's surface. Called SWIPS(TM) (Surface Wave Intelligent Profiling System), the platform enables users to analyze, model and visualize the physical and mechanical properties of solids in a non-invasive manner. MicroMentis' technology can accurately analyze the Earth's crustal content through the use of its MicroMentis platform.

For ground investigation, SWIPS can reduce the prospecting and exploration time as well as the number of drill holes required. SWIPS also can improve the drill holes yield through valid and usable information. Through MicroMentis Platform, SWIPS Wizard and Drill Hole Wizard can help users integrate complementary data (gravimetric, resistivity, IP and more), plan work, facilitate data gathering, analysis and modeling, plan drill holes, incorporate drill holes properties and finally support the whole project modeling and evaluation. The SWIPS technology also is suitable for investigating man-made infrastructures and detecting flaws. SWIPS also provides tools that will respond to many unanswered questions regarding solid matters. MicroMentis' technology and components are patented.

The system comprises 16 Wireless Sensors, an Impact Generator and an intuitive User Interface, which incorporates one of the most advanced software applications for Earth Analysis and Modeling. SWIPS is self-powered and all its components are self -communicating, self-correcting and self-calibrating. The end results provide astonishing detailed 3D information about physical and mechanical properties and conditions of solids as never seen before (go to for demo).

The SWIPS approach enables the measurement of the Shear Wave Velocity Profile (Vs) and simultaneously the Density (p) and the Poisson ratio (v) providing a unique solution limited by the instrumentation accuracy. From these physical properties, it is now possible to calculate the mechanical properties of solids; Modulus Rigidity (Gmax), the Modulus of Elasticity (E), the acoustic impedance and the ground liquefaction index providing a complete solution contributing to a better understanding of the environment of solids and their corresponding properties. According to the company, it is a system far more advanced than any other of its nature and provides numerous real-life applications.

The SWIPS process enables:

-- Prospecting and exploration specialists, geophysicists, geologists, geotechnologists and geomorphologists to gain better insight and understanding of the solids.

-- Mining engineers to plan with a whole new perspective their mine exploitation, as well as improving drilling and blasting operations, thus improving overall mining productivity.

-- Mining safety personnel to identify adverse conditions, such as ground liquefaction, unsecured structures, and presence of void, and unstable geological features. In case of incident, it will help rescuers in their efforts for saving lives.

-- Environment personnel to assess the integrity of waste containment; solids as well as thereby reducing the risk of potential environmental disasters.

"We have spent years developing this technology and have seen the dramatic results it has achieved time and time again," explained Daniel Rioux, President and Chief Technology Officer at MicroMentis. "SWIPS promises new possibilities in mining quality data and detection, cost reduction and profitability that will change the way mining is done now and well into the future."

Orders are being taken now for the MicroMentis platform. General availability is slated for the first quarter of 2009.


MicroMentis develops, manufactures, and markets scientific equipment and software to analyze, model and visualize the physical and mechanical properties of solids in a non-invasive manner. MicroMentis provides a variety of services, such as training, support in data integration, data analysis, modeling, software and hardware updates. It strives to solve users concerns related to profitability, productivity, efficiency, quality, accuracy and safety. Breakthroughs, like SWIPS(TM), promise new possibilities in quality data and detection, cost reduction and profitability. The MicroMentis team of specialists is dedicated to pursuing the highest standards in R&D, innovation and customer training, support and service. For complete information, visit the company's Website at

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