Syscan Imaging, Inc. Announces its Proprietary 1080P Nano-LCOS Microdisplay Imager

SAN JOSE, Calif., May 31 / -- Syscan Imaging, Inc. (BULLETIN BOARD: SYII) the world leader in USB powered portable image scanners and developer of HDTV (High Definition TV) technology solutions through its Sysview Technology group announces its proprietary 1080P Nano-LCOS microdisplay imager. The Nano-LCOS Imager is the first product Sysview Technology's acquisition of Nanodisplay, Inc. an innovator in LCOS chip design and technology.

Sysview is proud to announce its 0.7" Nano-LCOS microdisplay which delivers 1080P X 1920 resolution, delivering true 2 million pixel images at a lower cost per pixel than any competing display technology. Its ideal form and packaging factors, innovative carbon nano-tube (CNT) design and high yield manufacturing process are expected to deliver efficient 3-panel operation at the lowest possible cost. One of the more unique expected capabilities of the Nano design is its upgradeability to even greater resolutions in the future.

Darwin Hu is Syscan's Chairman and CEO. He said, "We are extremely proud to be announcing Nanodisplay's great success in creating a truly unique and proprietary LCOS imager." Dr. Gehong Kim, Chief Technologist and co-founder of Nanodisplay, Inc. added, "We at Nanodisplay are very pleased with the advancements we have made, including a low-noise advanced architecture, low imager operating temperature and high component production yield. We're looking forward to substantive improvements in what OEM customers can expect from LCOS hi-def technology."

About Syscan Imaging, Inc.

Syscan Imaging, Inc. designs and manufactures imaging technology solutions for a worldwide customer base. The company currently manufactures and delivers 21-plus, proprietary mobile image-scanning products, which has allowed it to become the largest OEM private label manufacturer of USB driven mobile scanning systems in the world. Syscan Imaging's intellectual property portfolio in the imaging area consists of 19 patents with an additional 5 patents pending.

Recognizing the potential to leverage its years of imaging technology experience and manufacturing efficiencies, Syscan began developing new technologies targeting the HDTV display market under Sysview Technologies, Inc. These products are in various stages of development and are expected to begin reaching the marketplace in Q 1 2007. The products are designed to significantly enhance picture quality, decrease power consumption, and greatly reduce the manufacturing costs associated with High Definition televisions.

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