Syrris Announces Exclusive Agreement to Offer Advanced Crystallization Control and Particle Engineering

Agreement with Prosonix to sell Atlas SonoLab SL10 Sonocrystalizer extended

Royston, UK (14th March 2011) - Syrris, a leading chemistry automation product innovator, is delighted to announce that it has signed an exclusive worldwide agreement with Prosonix, a world leader in patented sonocrystallization technology. By combining Prosonix's ultrasound technology with Syrris's Atlas jacketed reactor platform, the Atlas SonoLab SL10 sonocrystalizer enables the reproducible control of crystallizations and allows selectivity of parameters such as particle size, shape, crystallinity and polymorph.

Mike Hawes, CEO of Syrris commented, "This is excellent news for Syrris' customers and therefore Syrris. The Atlas SonoLab SL10 system offers unrivalled crystallization control, enabling narrower particle size distribution, higher purity samples and greater polymorph selectivity than traditional techniques."

The Atlas SonoLab System is a high-performance, automated ultrasound system for sonocrystallization and sonomilling. With advanced control of nucleation and growth rate, the Atlas SonoLab System is ideal for particle engineering. Furthermore, utilising the new SonoLab equipment in conjunction with the Atlas platform provides a basis for quality ultrasonic experiments and a seamless transition from laboratory to pilot plant at scales ranging from 100 ml to 100 L.

For further information on the Atlas SonoLab System as well as the complete range of Atlas automated synthesis products, including systems for applications such as reaction calorimetry, pH monitoring and control, volumetric dosing, and gravimetric dosing, please visit

Syrris Limited
Established in 2001, Syrris Limited is one of the fastest growing science SMEs in the UK employing over 30 scientists and engineers at its facility in Royston (near Cambridge). With offices in the US, Japan, India and Brazil plus over 30 distributors worldwide, Syrris is world renown for excellence in chemical reactor systems.

Syrris develops laboratory automation products for chemists such as the Atlas automated chemistry systems. Atlas can be configured into a wide range of different systems for controlling round bottom flasks (magnetically and overhead stirred respectively) and jacketed reactors. Atlas systems are designed for applications including reaction calorimetry, volumetric dosing, gravimetric dosing, pH, etc.

Syrris also specialize in flow reactors for R&D chemists, including Asia and Africa, modular systems for chemical synthesis, aqueous work-up and reaction optimization. These systems offer faster, cleaner and safer reactions that will ultimately reduce the time taken to develop, synthesize, and review a chemical entity.

In recognition of its technological achievements, Syrris has been awarded a prestigious UK DTI SMART Exceptional Grant and was awarded the "Eastern Region's UKTI Best Established Exporter" and the "Most Outstanding Export Achievement" at the Global Opportunity Conference on International Trade. Syrris has also won a significant DTi MNT (Micro and Nano Technology) award which has been used to establish a subsidiary called The Dolomite Centre Ltd. This company is focused on design and fabrication of Microfluidic devices for a wide range of applications.

About Prosonix Ltd
Based in Oxford UK and Experts in Sound ScienceTM, Prosonix are acknowledged leaders in the commercialization of proprietary ultrasonic particle engineering technologies and added value ultrasonic process chemistry solutions for the pharmaceutical and related industries.

Prosonix's team of chemists and engineers combine to give Prosonix a unique multidisciplinary approach and competitive advantage to solve customers' complex particle engineering process problems, leveraging its proprietary intellectual property and patented ultrasonic processing equipment to deliver long term and sustainable value added solutions, enabling the cost effective manufacture of better medicines.

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