Syringe Pump meets needs of MRI environment.

Press Release Summary:

Remote operated MRI Syringe Pump combines dual-syringe pump mechanism, constructed of nonferromagnetic metal, with 30 or 60 ft cable connection to pump electronics control box. Programmable pump features pulseless flow, accepts syringes from 0.5 µl to 140 ml, and handles flow rates from 0.002 µl/hr to 55.1 ml/min. With ±0.35% accuracy and 0.5% reproducibility, it is suited for drug delivery and tracer studies that require MRI imaging and real-time monitoring.

Original Press Release:

New MRI Syringe Pump

This NEW Remote Operated MRI Compatible Syringe Pump meets the needs of the MRI environment.

This MRI Pump is ideal for drug delivery and tracer studies, when MRI imaging and real time monitoring are essential.

The MRI Syringe Pump from Harvard Apparatus combines a two syringe pump mechanism, constructed of nonferromagnetic metal, with a 30 foot cable connection to the pump electronics control box.

A 60 foot cable is also available if additional distance is needed between the pump mechanism and controller.

Performance and Versatility

The MRI Pump accepts syringes from 0.5 microliter to 140 ml, giving the capability of extremely low flow rates (0.002 microliters per hour) to exceptionally fast flow rates (55.1 milliliters per minute).

The MRI Pump has programmability, pulseless flow, the highest accuracy (±0.35%), precision (reproducibility within 0.5%) and extraordinary linear force (50 lbs) of all our premier PHD Syringe Pumps.

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