Syntec Optics Works on Eye Tracking Device

Pavilion, NY...Syntec Optics, a manufacturer of quality, precision, molded plastic optics for the medical, defense and biometric industries, is currently working on a project that could revolutionize the way we interact with our computers.

The Eye-Com EC7T(TM) eye tracking system, designed and developed by Eye-Com Corporation , is an advanced eye tracking platform that uses frame-mounted micro cameras to not only record eyelid and pupil activity, but also to track head movement. The integrated, wearable system is a versatile device with all video, lighting, and electronic components encased within the uniquely designed, unobtrusive eye frames.

As for the technology itself, Eye-Com CEO Ky Good says "Eye-Com's eye tracking technology has established a new level of biometric performance with both advanced hardware and innovative software, which offers a platform for the future." The EC7T, provides a mechanism and platform for enhancing applications that have yet to be imagined. Good believes that the device will eventually integrate optical, audio, and neural sensors that will drive many applications in the next 10, 20, and 50 years. "Our intention," he explains, "is to leverage and collaborate with many companies, ideally bringing those pieces together to provide a cost effective, usable product for a multitude of end users."

Syntec Optics has been working with Eye-Com for more than a year and is currently manufacturing and assembling the set of plastic optics used in the EC7T. Since the device is worn by the user, the optics need to be light weight. Using plastic as opposed to glass made sense. Syntec was able to produce a set of prototype lens from Zeonex E48R(TM). One of the challenges was the size of the lens, which is roughly 3 millimeters in diameter according to Syntec Optics' VP and General Manager Rick Arndt. "We have significant experience manufacturing and assembling small optics but as technology progresses, we see parts getting smaller and smaller."

"In the near term, the EC7T will enable many disabled individuals greater use of computers with a device that can be used in place of a traditional mouse and allows them to use their eyes to select objects on the screen", says Eye-Com Founder Dr. William C. Torch.

Industries (such as transportations, disability and entertainment) will be significantly impacted by advancements in eye tracking and biometric technologies. In the rapidly emerging augmented reality industry, people are presented with information about their surrounding environment through various visual displays, including computers, TV screens, smart phones, or even through a pair of eye tracking glasses with a heads-up display. In the future, a user wearing an eye tracking device could look at a building such as a movie theater and be presented with information like show times or even movie trailers.

Another industry ECC sees as being greatly influenced by advancements in eye tracking is the transportation industry. Imagine driving a car that has eye tracking, augmented reality, biometrics, and oculometrics all integrated where the system is able to determine if you are in a traffic jam or cruising down the highway and selectively allowing phone calls to go through based on your level of fatigue, stress, or the amount of attention needed to be devoted to the road.

Syntec Optics is the largest independent manufacturing of custom plastic lens in the nation producing "Precision Plastic Optics for Tomorrow's Technologies," for the Medical, Defense and Biometric Industries. To find out more visit or

note: Image Taken using plastic lens produced by Syntec Optics

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