Syndiant Showcases Head-Mounted Displays at CES

Syndiant introduces new wearable displays delivering excellent performance at very competitive price

LAS VEGAS – Syndiant, a leader in high resolution microdisplays, is introducing immersive optical modules, and will be demonstrating an innovative HMD (head-mounted display) and companion media control box at CES.

Syndiant's immersive optical modules are fixed focus, light weight, have low power consumption, and integrate RGB LED illumination. The SYL2271 patented LCOS microdisplay architecture integrates smart electronics onto the display panel to achieve 720p HD resolution in a highly compact 0.37" diagonal panel. The combination of the SYL2271 with optimized optical components provides an excellent solution for any near-eye immersive application that requires a large virtual image with outstanding picture quality. These wearable display modules offer complete solutions for customers seeking opportunities in the quickly growing near-eye market.

The binocular immersive HMD is ideal for consumers wanting to enjoy video content from their mobile devices, smartphones, and tablets. It delivers 1280x720 HD resolution in a large 80" at 4.5-meters virtual screen. The high performance optical modules, assembled with Syndiant's SYL2271 LCOS panels, provide excellent image quality with vivid colors and form factor designed for the wearable near-eye display market. Combining Syndiant's impressive HD image quality with a lightweight and comfortable industrial design, the HMD provides entertainment on the go.

The companion media control box, is based on Android 4.4 OS and combines volume control, brightness adjustment, and playback functions. It can play content directly from portable electronics such as smartphones and tables, or connect to the Internet over Wi-Fi. An integrated battery provides long-lasting power to the HMD.

Syndiant can offer relabeling and custom-design services to companies interested in HMD products. The company will be at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas January 6-9th 2015. For further information, or to arrange a meeting at the CES show, please contact:

"As a leader in the near-eye display market, Syndiant teamed with partners to create these novel HMD Glasses and Control Box products to enter the emerging wearable market," said Daniel Wong, CEO and President of Syndiant. "The products are ready to move into mass production, and we look forward to working with more companies to further expand this growing market."

About Syndiant, Inc.

Syndiant, an optical device company founded in 2004, provides high resolution light modulating panels for pico projectors small enough to embed in wearable computing solutions and robust enough for automotive applications. Syndiant's patented all digital technology enables the world's smallest personal display devices that meet cost, power, form-factor and resolution requirements. The company has offices in Dallas, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China.

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