Synchro-Resolver-Encoder Card offers 4 or 8 channels.

Press Release Summary:

VB Synchro-Resover-Encoder Card plugs directly into any VME compatible computer and may be populated with any combination of synchro/resover to digital and/or digital to synchro/resolver converters with industry standard pin-outs. Transformer isolation provides system noise immunity and preserves integrity of bus. VB card supports single-turn converter precision to one part in 65,536 and multi-turn/multi-speed precision to one part in over 4,000,000 parts.

Original Press Release:

New VME Bus Compatible Encoder-Resolver-Synchro Card

New four and eight channel Synchro-Resolver-Encoder cards plug directly into any VME compatible computer. Card may be purchased as whole or user populated with any combination of Synchro/Resolver to Digital and/or Digital to Synchro/Resolver converters having Industry Standard Pin-Outs.

Available converters include those with internal micro-transformers for isolation of all signal and reference lines. This completely isolates all the field wiring from the bus. The transformer isolation provides optimum system noise immunity, preserves the integrity of the bus, and eliminates all concerns over ground loops, differing potentials, or machine noise entering the computer.

When selected as an encoder system, the VB card is provided with either small size 11, or Industrial Grade Nema 12 Resolver Transducers. The VB card excites the resolver, and converts the outputs into two different formats: absolute position data that goes directly to the bus and, as an option, incremental outputs to add true absolute positioning capability to the off-the-shelf motion control cards, counter cards, and the like.

The VB card supports singleturn converter precision to one part in 65,536, and multi turn/multi speed precision to one part in over 4,000,000 parts. 18 bit converter resolution is also available.

The VB card is ideally suited for any motion control, simulation, ATE, or data acquisition application using Synchros/ Resolvers, or requiring shaft angle position feedback.

Price: $ 1150.00 - Quantity 1

Delivery: Stock to 4 weeks.

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