Synaptics Creates Custom Interface for Microsoft's Wireless Entertainment Desktops

Synaptics' custom capacitive sensing solutions create new interface experiences for the digital home

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Oct. 17 // -- Synaptics Incorporated (NASDAQ:SYNA), a leading developer of interface solutions for mobile computing, communications and entertainment devices, today announced that Microsoft Corp. is using an advanced custom interface solution from Synaptics for the new Microsoft Wireless Entertainment Desktop 8000 and Wireless Entertainment Desktop 7000. These keyboards incorporate Synaptics technology to provide cursor navigation and quick access to select applications and controls. In addition, the Wireless Entertainment Desktop 8000 employs Synaptics' presence detection to enable the keyboard to intelligently enter or exit standby mode depending on the proximity of the user to the keyboard.

"Synaptics' interface solution for the Wireless Entertainment Desktop 8000 and 7000 helps create an intuitive consumer experience for our customers, enabling them to embrace their digital lifestyle with ease," said Matt Barlow, worldwide director of marketing and business development for Microsoft Hardware. "Synaptics' technology has helped us create a sleek design that merges functionality with entertainment."

The new Microsoft Wireless Entertainment Desktops incorporate three Synaptics' custom interface solutions to create an enjoyable computing and entertainment experience:

o The NavPoint(TM) solution allows users to toggle between navigation
modes; cursor mode, for full two-dimensional cursor control or scroll
mode, which disables the 2D cursor capabilities, allowing users to
navigate through menus and windows with a 5-way rocker switch.
o The LightTouch(TM) solution consists of 17 illuminated buttons which
provide instant access to applications such as music, Instant Messenger
and the Internet, and computing controls such as the function keys.
o Capacitive presence detection senses when the user approaches the
keyboard, and when they move away, allowing the keyboard to
intelligently adjust its standby and active settings.* This is
Synaptics' first implementation of presence detection.

"The Microsoft Wireless Entertainment Desktop keyboards exemplify how the application of Synaptics' core capacitive technology can offer new and compelling experiences in the digital home," said Synaptics General Manager, Tom Tiernan. "By working with market leaders such as Microsoft, we are able to illustrate the advanced capabilities of our technology, such as proximity sensing, to help define new modes of interaction in the digital home."

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Synaptics is a leading developer of interface solutions for the mobile computing, communications and entertainment industries. The company creates interface solutions for a variety of devices including notebook PCs, PC peripherals, digital music players, and mobile phones. The TouchPad(TM), Synaptics' flagship product, is integrated into more than 50 percent of today's notebook computers. Consumer electronics and computing manufacturers use Synaptics' solutions to enrich the interaction between humans and intelligent devices through improved usability, functionality and industrial design. The company is headquartered in Santa Clara, California.

* Microsoft Wireless Entertainment Desktop 7000 does not include presence detection

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