Swivel Eyebolts are offered in 4 sizes.

Press Release Summary:

StarPoint swivel eyebolts include VRS-M22; VRS-1/4 in. 20 UNC; VRS-5/16 in. 18UNC; and VRS-7/16 in. 14UNC models. Units adjust to direction of pull which allows full engagement of bolt and insures safe lift. Forged from high-tensile steel, they are also 100% electromagnetically crack tested. Smaller sizes allow more versatility for lifting smaller loads.

Original Press Release:

RUD Now Offers Four New Sizes of StarPoints®

RUD-Chain, Inc. has developed four new sizes of its popular swivel eyebolt, the StarPoint: VRS-M22; VRS-1/4" 20 UNC; VRS-5/16"-18UNC; VRS-7/16" -14UNC. The smaller UNC sizes were developed to meet the needs of the end-users. The new smaller sizes allow more versatility for lifting smaller loads.

The smaller sizes were developed because OEMs are using these sizes in their manufacturing facilities. For example, the new ¼" size was developed because the OEM was using two - ¼" eyebolts to lift a gear and rotating it 90°. Because any non-vertical lift on an eyebolt seriously diminishes the working load limit the OEM sought out a solution. The solution to this problem is the use of a proper lifting point, such as the RUD StarPoint swivel eyebolt. Prior to using the RUD StarPoint, the OEM was using a substantial amount of standard eyebolts because the eyebolts were being bent and damaged do to misuse. They also discovered that because of broken, busted or misused eyebolts they were breaking or harming the products and/or the machinery; many manufacturing organizations are unaware that the incorrect applications of eyebolts significantly increases the probability of failures no matter how large or small the load. It just made sense for RUD to offer a new size that would help the OEM correct this common problem.

The StarPoint adjusts to the direction of the pull which allows full engagement of the bolt and insures a safe lift. The StarPoint, like all of RUD's products are forged from high-tensile steel and 100% electromagnetically crack tested. With a smaller thread size than the standard DIN 580 eyebolts and without the need for any additional lifting means, these modern lifting points pay for themselves quickly. The modern design prevents the lifting points and valuable loads from being damaged.

Offering these new sizes is an example of how RUD-Chain, Inc. continually meets the needs of its customers. RUD seeks to build longstanding partnerships with its customers and is committed to customer oriented technical innovations and solutions.

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