Switch-Mode DC-DC Controller has output accuracy of +3%.

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Model FAN5037 high-power, switch-mode, dc-dc controller is designed for low-voltage applications that require currents up to 13 A. Unit handles 5 V and 12 V inputs, and has built-in high-current driver for external power MOSFET. Output is adjustable between 1.2 V and 3.6 V with up to 88% conversion efficiencies. Soft-start function reduces inrush current and output overshoot at startup. External current sense resistor is capable of current limiting.

Original Press Release:

Adjustable Switching Regulator Controller Provides The Lowest Parts-Count Solution For High-Current, Low-Voltage Power

San Jose. Calif-November 9. 2001- Fairchild Semiconductor International (NYSE:FCS) introduces the FAN5037. an efficient high-power switch-mode DC-DC controller for low-voltage applications that require currents up to 13A. Applications include low-voltage circuits, such as high-density ASICs, DSPs, desktop computer interface circuits, peripheral devices, and AGP power. The FAN5037 is also an excellent choice for generating the 2.5V VTT needed in DDR memory buses in large systems, such as workstations and servers.

The FAN5037 offers the highest power option with the lowest parts count-and at the lowest cost-of any of its competitors. A highly integrated device that handles 5V and 12V inputs, the FAN5037 has a built-in high-current driver for an external power MOSFET. Requiring a minimum of external components to deliver full performance, the output of the FAN5037 can be adjusted between 1.2V and 3.6V. The FAN5037 also boasts conversion efficiencies of up to 88% in typical applications. A soft-start function on the FAN5037 reduces inrush current and output overshoot at startup, minimizing stress on surrounding components and increasing reliability.

Additionally, a low-drift reference allows the FAN5037 to deliver overall output accuracy better than 3% over line, load, and temperature variations. without requiring user adjustment. By utilizing an external current sense resistor, the user can accurately set current limiting and short-circuit protection, independent of variations in MOSFET characteristics. The FAN5037 is available in a compact 8-pin SOIC package, supplied in either tube or tape-and-reel packaging.

Price: FAN5037M: US $0(675 (1.000pcs)
Availability: Now
Deliver: 6-8 weeks ARO

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