Swiss Screw Machining Solutions for Plastic & Metal Components

Precision Swiss screw machined components have had a major impact on the medical, aerospace and defense industry. In these industries, having the most precise components available is not an option - it's mandatory. Any product manufactured for these industries must be created using the latest in accurate manufacturing technology in order to perform exceptionally.

Common Uses for Precision Swiss Screw Machined Parts

Medical, defense, safety and aerospace products rely on precision Swiss Screw machined components to operate in an exact and efficient manner. These components can feature tight tolerances and high surface finishes that stand up to repetitive use while providing an exact fit. This type of manufacturing technology makes it possible to create accurate devices that operate for years. When it comes to these parts, accuracy is critical to the success of both the components and their users.

Creating Solutions That Work

When it comes to creating precision components, it is important to have the right tools for such a job. Specialized machines are necessary for creating precision Swiss screw machined components with the exact tolerances requested by clients.

Precision Swiss screw machines such as the Haas DS-30SSY Series Turning and Milling Center, are designed to produce Swiss screw machined components with high tolerances and improved accuracy. This particular machine utilizes the latest in Y-axis, C-axis and live tooling combined with dual spindle turning to develop unique components in one session. The 18-inch by 23-inch cutting capacity ensures a wide variety of components in various sizes. These and other machines are essential tools for creating accurate plastic and metal components.

Precision Swiss screw machined components can be created from a variety of materials, including stainless steel, molybdenum, nickel alloy, Monel and various plastics. These materials are useful for low volume production runs, as well as high volume production jobs.

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