SWIR Video Cameras offer high frame rate ROI windowing.

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Consuming less than 2 W @ 20°C, SU320KTSW-1.7RT InGaAs SWIR Windowing Camera and SU320KTSWVis-1.7RT Visible-InGaAs(TM) SWIR Windowing Camera provide respective responses from 0.9-1.7 and 0.4-1.7 microns. Snapshot and Region of Interest (ROI) windowing capabilities enable real-time tracking (greater than 10,000 fps for 16 x 16 pixel window) and aligning of targets. Solid-state cameras offer 320 x 256 pixel format on 25 micron pitch, non-uniformity corrections, and automatic gain control.

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SUI Introduces InGaAs-SWIR Video Camera with High Frame Rate ROI Windowing

PRINCETON, NJ, MAY 23, 2007- SUI (Sensors Unlimited, Inc.), part of Goodrich Corporation, global suppliers of shortwave infrared (SWIR) imaging systems based on indium gallium arsenide (InGaAs) technology, introduces two additional cameras in the KTS product line - SU320KTSW-1.7RT InGaAs SWIR Windowing Camera and the SU320KTSWVis-1.7RT Visible-InGaAs(TM) SWIR Windowing Camera. The innovative, low-cost windowing video cameras feature both snapshot and high frame rate Region of Interest (ROI) windowing capabilities, enabling tracking of free-space communications lasers or fast-moving targets. SUI's 320KTSW imager provides high response in the shortwave infrared region from 0.9 micron to 1.7 micron and the 320KTSWVis extends the wavelength response into the visible from 0.4 micron to 1.7 micron.

The all-solid-state KTS family of cameras feature a 320 x 256 pixel format on a 25 micron pitch, low power (less than 2W at 20 degrees C), on-board non-uniformity corrections (NUCs) and advanced AGC (automatic gain control) with contrast image enhancements. The KTS windowing camera configurations include 8 corrected modes with variable integration time and 8 preset ROI windows for convenient, easy operation. The intuitive serial commands over the 12-bit Camera Link® interface are used to create ROI windows anywhere on the FPA.

Ideal for real-time tracking (greater than 10,000 frames per second for a 16 x 16 pixel window) and aligning, the windowing models are easy-to-integrate and excellent for adaptive optics feedback systems, machine vision of moving objects and hyperspectral imaging tasks. The cameras include a C-mount lens adapter and are available as an OEM imaging engine (less than 3.8 in³) or in an enclosed camera (less than 9.3 in³).

Goodrich's SUI team (Sensors Unlimited Inc), based in Princeton, NJ, has pioneered the design and production of SWIR cameras and systems utilizing advanced Indium Gallium Arsenide (InGaAs) imaging technology for industrial, commercial, military, agricultural, and scientific markets. For additional information on InGaAs-based shortwave infrared imaging detectors, arrays, and systems, please visit isr.goodrich.com/sui.

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