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Sweatshirts help protect workers from flash fire.

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Sweatshirts help protect workers from flash fire.

Sep 05, 2012 - Certified to NFPA 2112 for flash fire resistance, FR Sweatshirts protect industrial workers in environments where flammable medium - dust, chemical vapors, or gasoline - is present and sparks from arc flash hazard can ignite fire. Several styles are available.

National Safety Apparel - Cleveland, OH

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A Sweatshirt Fit for Flash Fire

Press release date: Aug 30, 2012

National Safety Apparel's FR Sweatshirts First in Line for UL Certification

As the unusually hot summer of 2012 finally transitions to autumn, the long-absent cool air will be back. This means that sweatshirt weather is once again on the horizon. To that point, National Safety Apparel announces the first and only FR sweatshirts certified to NFPA 2112 for flash fire resistance.

When there is a flammable medium present, such as dust, chemical vapors, or gasoline, a spark can instantly light a very dangerous, rapidly moving fire. If an arc flash hazard is present, an electrical arc would be more than enough to ignite the dispersed fuel. That is why NSA deems dual protection so important to today's industrial workers.

"With the already proven NFPA 70E arc flash protection of our UltraSoft® Fleece sweatshirts, certifying this product with UL has allowed us to provide documented flash fire protection as well - protection from two life threatening hazards in one garment," says Jeff Martin, Director of Technology at NSA.

NFPA 2112 requires a third party's approval for meeting its standard, and Underwriter's Laboratories, or UL, is the most commonly used agency. "We are the only company whose sweatshirts are garment-certified by UL to NFPA 2112, an achievement that we're very proud of," says Martin.

National Safety Apparel's research and design team put forth considerable effort to get its garments up to the standard, and the sweatshirts are the first in what they hope to be a long line of UL certified garments to come.

About National Safety Apparel: Headquartered in Cleveland, OH, National Safety Apparel (NSA) is a leading USA manufacturer of protective apparel for the industrial safety worker. Using the latest fabrics and technologies, NSA regularly introduces new and innovative products to enhance the safety apparel experience for workers. For over 75 years, workers across the country have relied on NSA's safety apparel, including the company's latest new product line, FR Control 2.0 - the first FR base layer that actively regulates body temperature in all heat stress applications.