Supply Chain System aids beverage suppliers and distributors.

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With cloud-based SkuBrain for Beverage application, beverage suppliers and distributors can quickly grow from spreadsheets to complete planning solution. System provides demand forecasting using 12 industry standard algorithms and proprietary tournament model selection feature that automatically picks best algorithm for purpose and data types. Recommended replenishment plans are created based on actual inventory levels and volume and mix forecasts over specified time horizons.

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Halo Releases Cloud-based Forecasting and Inventory Solution for Beverage Suppliers and Distributors

SkuBrain, a Halo supply chain analytics solution, delivers sales and production forecasting, inventory optimization, and replenishment planning for small to mid-size suppliers and distributors.

SAN DIEGO, -- Halo, a leading provider of data integration and analytics software for supply chain planning, today announced Halo SkuBrain for Beverage Suppliers and Distributors.  SkuBrain for Beverage combines sales and production forecasting and inventory replenishment planning in a single cloud-based application.  Using the application, growing beverage suppliers and distributors can quickly and cost-effectively grow from spreadsheets to a complete planning solution.  Users can easily try SkuBrain for Beverage to test its predictive value for their planning processes and sign up for the service with a monthly subscription.

Core Capabilities Include:

1. Automated Demand Forecasting - This version includes demand forecasting using twelve industry standard algorithms and a proprietary "tournament" model selection feature that automatically picks the best algorithm for the purpose and data types.  Forecasts can be edited by managers for better fit.  In addition, the solution allows for specification of custom product hierarchies and can forecast at the product family, product, SKU and location level.  A forecast reconciliation option allows users to ensure forecast is consistent across levels.

2. Inventory Replenishment Plans - SkuBrain for Beverage provides visibility into inventory targets and actuals. This capability provides guidance into stockout risk and over-stock waste.  The system creates recommended replenishment plans based on actual inventory levels and volume and mix forecasts over specified time horizons.  For non-technical users, the replenishment features provides guidance to re-order points.

"Many of Halo's beverage customers worldwide have needs for a robust demand supply planning solution at an affordable investment level," said Keith Peterson, CEO and President, Halo. "The planning needs in the beverage industry are unique - lots of SKU's, heavy seasonality, and rapid introduction new flavors and packaging make this a challenging area to plan.  SkuBrain for Beverage fits a major gap in the market for a powerful solution that fits between spreadsheets and expensive planning systems - offering analytics specific to beverage.  With the rapid growth in craft beverages, fast rising players require a clear plan to ensure customer service levels are met. And, with so many SKU's launched seasonally, SkuBrain offers capabilities to support forecasts for new product introductions."

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