Supply Chain Software automates routine processes.

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EXceed(TM) SNx, multi-agent based process management suite, automates up to 80% of routine supply chain tasks and instantly responds to changing conditions. Application provides insight into raw data, reacting in real-time by making decisions and implementing solutions based on predefined business rules and service level agreements. Solution also automates supply chain tasks across supply network, controlling collaboration between independent systems.

Original Press Release:

EXE Technologies Launches Intelligent Agent Based Supply Chain Process Management Suite EXceed SNx Makes Supply Chain More Adaptable by Improving Fulfillment Speeds and Reducing Costs

Dallas, Texas - October 16, 2002 - EXE Technologies®, Inc. (NASDAQ:EXEE) announced the release of EXceed(TM) SNx, a multi-agent based Supply Chain Process Management product suite that improves service levels and fulfillment speeds, and can reduce supply chain costs by as much as 20 percent by automating routine supply chain tasks and instantly responding to changing conditions.

Forty percent of customer orders have exceptions that require real-time decision making for fulfillment to stay on schedule, for example:

o just-in-time inventory is out of stock due to a component delivery being late;

o work re-allocation is necessary as a result of a forklift breaking down during picking operation;

o and an unforeseen distribution problem occurs - the west coast dockworkers decide to strike.

Until now, retailers and manufacturers could not ensure the ability to effectively react to supply chain problems and could only analyze what went wrong after the fact.

"When unexpected supply chain events arise, firms switch to firefighting, a defensive mindset that carries a hefty price and often leads to more damaging outcomes," said Navi Radjou, senior analyst of Business Applications & Services for Forrester Research. "Companies need to sense and proactively respond to unanticipated variations in supply and demand by adopting emerging technologies such as intelligent agents. To boost their operational agility, firms need to transform their static supply chains into adaptive supply networks."

According to Mr. Radjou, software agents can help boost supply networks' adaptability by automating routine decisions and resolving operational glitches before they happen. EXceed SNx is an application of intelligent agent technology, which provides insight into raw data and the ability to make needed changes as a result of this insight. With Exceed SNx, up to 80 percent of routine tasks could be automated through software agents, freeing time for executives to conduct more value-added activities.

Rather than simply alerting managers of a supply chain issue, EXceed SNx is able to react in real-time, making decisions and implementing solutions based on predefined business rules and service level agreements. The result is quicker reactions with less need for manual intervention, which can save companies money and time.

"The reality is a supply chain will encounter expected and unexpected variables that require not just attention, but resolution to keep things running on schedule. EXceed SNx enables you to swiftly react to these situations," said Ray Hood, chairman and CEO of EXE Technologies. "Companies that can keep their increasingly complex supply networks nimble will be the ones that continue to succeed."

EXceed SNx also automates routine supply chain tasks across the entire supply network, controlling the collaboration between independent systems such as warehousing, transportation or ERP throughout the enterprise and across the trading partners' network. SNx can continuously monitor inventory and balance stock levels, speeding up the entire supply chain process and reducing working capital costs through lower inventory levels.

Research based on "Adapting To Supply Network Changes" Forrester Research, March, 2002.

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