Supply Chain Software analyzes situations, sounds alerts.

Press Release Summary:

Supply Chain Manager includes Analysis Engine and Alert Manage modules. Analysis is based on user-driven rules that allow smart, fast decision-making. Alert event notification platform delivers complex alerts on business-critical information in real time. Intended for operational and management professionals in manufacturing organizations, software allows users to create unique views and alerts without support from IT department.

Original Press Release:

Verilytics Announces Supply Chain Manager

December 6, 2001 - (Burlington, MA) Verilytics, a software tools and applications company with solutions for supply chain management, today announced the availability of its new Verilytics Supply Chain Manager, a business execution solution for both operational and management professionals in manufacturing organizations.

"Verilytics' vision is to create a Short Interval Response Environment (SIRE) within the enterprise," said Gary Weiner, president and COO of Verilytics. "A key element of business success today is managing ever increasing velocity with intelligent response, yet preserving and improving business performance. We enable action-takers to make faster, smarter and more cost-effective decisions. Lack of operational integration and visibility within the enterprise and across the supply chain can cost companies millions of dollars. In today's competitive environment, companies must react quickly to customer demand, maintain perfect order fill rates, with minimal assets. To meet these challenging objectives, Verilytics Supply Chain Manager allows users to quickly recognize and react to problems in the supply chain."

"Companies have spent millions of dollars on ERP and APS systems but are not achieving the ROIs they expected," continued Weiner. " These best of breed solutions operate well in the narrowly defined functions for which they were designed. Business execution, however, requires integrated thinking. These systems only get you part of the way there. We are about getting the people who take action, the rest of the way."

"It's time for a new solution for the supply chain," said Ann Grackin, vice president of sales and marketing at Verilytics. "It's time for a credible, flexible solution to support the new enterprise structures. Most of today's solutions are too complex for fast-paced organizations to successfully implement and get real value from. With Verilytics Supply Chain Manager, we apply a new generation of technology to support real-time decision-making in the enterprise and across the supply chain. Users gain real-time insights and a clear resolution path to solve execution-oriented problems."

"Because it is execution-based, the Verilytics Supply Chain Manager permits users to create unique views and alerts on an ad hoc basis, without support from IT professionals," said Todd Piett, product manager at Verilytics. "If you need to investigate or be alerted to an issue that requires resolution in a matter of hours, you can't wait weeks for the IT department to write a new report or construct a new data cube."

Verilytics Supply Chain Manager provides real-time access to disparate data sources across both internal and external systems. The user-driven rules and analytics allow proactive monitoring, analysis and resolution of events as they arise, communicating changes instantly throughout the supply chain.

Verilytics Supply Chain Manager consists of two components: Verilytics Analysis Engine and Verilytics Alert Manage Verilytics Analysis Engine is a state-of-the-art memory resident analysis platform. Analysis is based on user-driven unique rules that allow smarter, faster decision-making. The Analysis Engine performs computations on real time or historical data and allows users to explore data through concept-based drills based on a highly flexible data model, for a more complete assessment of the causals relating to business events and related factors.

Verilytics Alert Manager is an event notification platform that delivers complex Boolean alerts on business-critical information in real time. Integrating data from multiple sources, the Alert Manager processes large volumes of data through a highly efficient evaluation network, identifying events and business exceptions as they occur, with escalation work flows, all in real-time. Alerts are delivered on a variety of devices or applications - browser based clients. PDAs, wireless, etc.

Verilytics Supply Chain Manager is available now and is priced based on a CPU and number of users basis.

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