Sunnen Honing Systems Improve Reliability of Hydraulic Components

Sunnen Products Company has introduced new technology to help hydraulic component manufacturers conform to "zero-leak" standards and greatly reduce warranty issues due to component leakage.

The advanced technology is incorporated into a number of Sunnen honing systems, including the VSS(TM) Vertical Single Stroke Honing® System-- a multi-spindle, workhorse that meets the demand for critical bore tolerances in hydraulic component production. The VSS is ideal for such applications as valve bodies, cartridge valves and valve spools.

An easy-to-use computerized system controller allows the VSS to produce extreme accuracy in bore size and geometry in diameters from 3.9 to 50 mm (0.154 to 2.0 in.). Straightness and roundness are maintained to within microns with high production rates and shorter cycle times. Consistency of surface finish, speed and precision all add up to production savings that can mean payback in a matter of months. The VSS can also be automated for even greater productivity and reduction of labor costs.

To ensure precise bore size, geometry and surface finish, the VSS uses Sunnen's
plated diamond Single Stroke Honing® tools which go through the bore only once, removing a predetermined amount of stock, progressively enlarging the bore. After the
final pass the bore is to size, straight and round, with the desired surface texture. With Sunnen's new High Production Helix (HPH) Single Stroke Honing® Tool, thousands of bores can be sized with the same tool minimizing cost per bore. Plus, HPH tools are extremely accurate resulting in hydraulic components that are less likely to leak.

In addition to the VSS Single Stroke Honing® system, Sunnen offers a wide variety of single-or multi-spindle honing machines in either vertical or horizontal configurations to fit virtually any hydraulic component bore sizing and finishing application.

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