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Sump Cleaner suits limited space applications.

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Sump Cleaner suits limited space applications.

Aug 27, 2008 - Designed for cleaning machine tool sumps, 60 gal Sump Shark has vertical design that fits into tight spots and promotes maneuverability through crowded aisles and around corners. Fork pockets, also included, facilitate transport via fork truck. Air-operated venturi generates suction to 26 in. Hg or 350 in. water and pumping rate of 70 gpm. Able to suck fluid, chips, and sludge out of 1 gal sump in minutes, product incorporates CECOR filter and is capable of 2-way pumping.

Cecor Incorporated - Verona, WI

Original Press Release

CECOR Introduces the "Sump Shark"

Press release date: Aug 25, 2008

The sixty-gallon "Sump Shark" is now the smallest in CECOR's sump cleaner line.

CECOR introduces the new 60-gallon Sump Shark Sump Cleaner designed for cleaning machine tool sumps in shops with limited space. The Sump Shark's vertical design allows it to squeeze into tight spots, fit through crowded aisles and around corners. Fork pockets allow easy transport by fork truck.

Although small, the Shark's power can compete with the bigger sumpcleaners. The air-operated venturi generates suction to 26" Hg or 350" water and a pumping rate of 70 gpm. The Shark sucks fluid, chips and sludge out of a gallon sump in minutes. With twice the power as most wet/dry vacs, the Sump Shark can remove even the heaviest of sludge from the bottom of a sump. The CECOR patented filter catches metal chips, fines and sludge. Two way pumping means after emptying the sump, you can pump coolant back to machine tool or transport for central recycling.

Increasing costs for the purchase and disposal of coolant have made extending the life of coolant crucial to most metalworking operations. The Sump Shark is priced to be affordable to even the smallest machine shop. And the air-operated Sump Shark has no moving parts to break and is easy to operate.

CECOR - 102 Lincoln St. Verona, WI 53593