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Submersible Pump is chemically resistant and self-sustaining.

Press Release Summary:

Nov 13, 2012 - Submersible pump employs non-metallic magnet drive and is manufactured with materials that include Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polypropylene (CFR PP), which allows operation at temperatures to 158°F and promotes resistance to corrosion from strong acids and alkalis. Suited for chemical liquid transfer/agitation applications, pump minimizes live monitoring requirements and is self-sustained with built-in thermal protector that shuts down pump if over-heating occurs.

Original Press Release

Submersible Pump Press Release

Press release date: Nov 12, 2012

World Chemical develops high performance pumps for the chemical industry.  Their new pump is a submersible pump driven by a non-metallic magnet drive. The pump is manufactured with specific materials including Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polypropylene (CFR PP) which allows the pump to operate at a maximum temperature of 158 degrees Fahrenheit, as well as being resistant to corrosion from strong acids and alkalis. Other comparable pumps (submersible) in the market are rated lower in terms of strength and temperature threshold. The integration of a non-metallic magnet drive opens up opportunities for users who have specific applications for the pump. Unlike most other submersible pumps, this pump doesn’t utilize a mechanical seal which further prevents leaking of oil during pump operation. This non-metallic magnet drive feature also boasts a high resistance to corrosion from commonly used acids, a very key feature for the majority of pump applications. From a design and materials stand point, this pump has excellent versatility, high temperature threshold, and high strength design, chemical resistant and is designed into a more efficient configuration.

This innovation in submersible pumps truly shows the advancement in engineering for the chemical pump industry for any application for chemical liquid transfer/agitation. World chemical is increasing business by adapting to their customers needs by providing the next generation products. The chemical processing industry relies on companies like World chemical to deliver products that excel in chemical transfer, agitation and mixing, as well as submersible pumping and tank pumping.

The new World Chemical submersible pump not only boasts excellent design but also a degree of user-friendliness which directly translates to a higher level of safety during operation. The pump requires very little live monitoring. It is designed to be self-sustained with a built in thermal protector, a standard safety feature that shuts down the pump in the rare occurrence of over-heating. Yet with the non-metallic magnet drive and the Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polypropylene housing, this pump resists temperature caused malfunctions.  The materials used in making this high-performance pump are resistant to highly acidic acids and strong alkalis that would eat away at other conventional stainless steel or cast iron submersible pumps.

World Chemical’s submersible pump is in accordance with the EC Declaration of conformity, stating the pump complies with standard operations, is safe to distribute and holds all functioning liability in World Chemical’s name, allowing the pump to be sold In Europe with no issues. Overall World Chemical’s non metallic magnet driven submersible pump is the leader in its class of pumps due to its updated and reconfigured design.

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