Submersible Level Transducers are protected by vent filter.

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Vented gage KPSI(TM) transducers come with Series 810 SuperDry vent filter, which provides maintenance-free moisture protection. Designed for high-humidity environments where water vapor may condense in vent tube, filter prevents formation of liquid column and guards sensitive transducer electronic components from mildew, corrosion, rust, and other forms of deterioration. Indicating desiccant turns from blue to pink as filter's drying capacity is diminished.

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New Superdry Vent Filter for Submersible KPSI(TM) Level Transducers Provides Maintenance-Free Moisture Protection

Hampton, VA, March 2005 - Pressure Systems, Inc., manufacturer of KPSI(TM) Level and Pressure Transducers, has introduced a new vent filter that provides virtually maintenance-free moisture protection for all vented gauge format submersible KPSI transducers. Designed specifically for high humidity environments where water vapor may condense in the vent tube, the Series 810 SuperDry vent filter protects sensitive transducer electronic components from mildew, corrosion, rust and other forms of deterioration, while at the same time, preventing the formation of a liquid column.

The Series 810 SuperDry vent filter provides 10 times the moisture protection as compared to other barriers. The Series 810 will be the standard moisture protection accessory shipped from the factory with any vented gauge submersible KPSI transducer. All KPSI transducers installed in the field with the vent filter will have a one-year warranty for protection against high humidity.

The vent filters, needed only for vented gauge reference pressure transducers, provide very high accuracy and operate by using an indicating desiccant (drying agent) to prevent any moisture from entering the vent tube and damaging the transducers. The desiccant will turn from blue to pink as its drying capacity is diminished when exposed to moisture, indicating the need for maintenance. The desiccant can be reused after drying in an oven.

All submersible vented gage KPSI transducers are shipped with the Series 810 SuperDry vent filter at no additional cost. The vent filters are 6.0" (15.3 cm) long with a 0.75" (1.9 cm) diameter, and may be ordered separately for use as spare parts.

When ordered separately, pricing starts at $15 per unit. Delivery is from stock.

For more information, contact Denise Topping, Pressure Systems, Inc., 34 Research Drive, Hampton, VA 23666. Tel: 800/678-7226; Fax: 757/865-8744; E-mail:; Web:

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