Sturtevant Richmont Announces Availability of 3-D View of Torque Tools

Sturtevant Richmont announced today it has completed the project to provide users with 3-D views of all Sturtevant Richmont torque wrenches. The 3-D views allow engineers to fully evaluate application of the Sturtevant Richmont torque wrench and ensure in advance that a fastener will be able to be properly torqued no matter where it may be located in the product.

As products have become more complex, and engineering and design continually pushes boundaries, it is important to cover even the smallest details in the planning and design stage. What is the cost to the company if they proceed with an innovative and market moving design only to find that the required torque tool cannot access the fastener? Too often this has happened late in the design process.

There are other applications for the 3-D drawings as well. If you have ever been confronted with trying to tighten a fastener that is hidden from view or is partially blocked by another component, the 3-D drawings will be of help to you. Before buying a Sturtevant Richmont torque wrench or interchangeable head, the drawings allow engineers to determine whether or not the head can access the fastener.

Not only does this save additional unplanned expense, it also cuts design to market time. Companies today cannot afford to be late to the market. Product delays can have a significant impact on revenue and reputation. It can also impact lean processes.

The ability to stop problems in advance is part of lean manufacturing process and eliminating waste. Any additional time a worker spends trying to find the right tool or the right interchangeable head is waste. Knowing which tool fits gives the worker the chance to get in, get the job done right, and then move on to the next task with as little waste as possible.

Vice President of Engineering, John Reynertson stated the initiative was fostered by a response to customer requests. "Our customers are sophisticated users. They reach their quality goals by focusing on all the seemingly little things that contribute to quality but are rarely seen or considered. We are constantly talking with customers to spot trends and anticipate customer needs."

"Our focus has always been to make the world's highest quality torque wrench." stated Sturtevant Richmont CEO Ray Reynertson. "We go back to the beginning of the torque wrench industry in 1924 when one of our founders, Paul Sturtevant was licensed to sell Walter P. Chrysler's torque wrench. In 1938 Sturtevant patented the flat beam wrench and in 1940 Sturtevant incorporated. For more than 70 years our focus has been on quality, both our customer's and ours."

"In addition to making extremely accurate and durable tools for our customers, we realized that making the best torque tools was not enough. We also needed to provide support like the 3-D drawings that help our customers earlier in the design process." Vice President of Sales, Don Reynertson. "It is all part of our belief that your quality is our business. We find ourselves doing more to help our customers with their quality pursuits."

In the near future Sturtevant Richmont will be adding the ability to directly download 3-D drawings from the website. For now customers should email customer service at to get the drawings they need.

About Sturtevant Richmont:

Both the Sturtevant and Richmont companies started as family run companies in 1940. The companies merged together in 1964 to form the most comprehensive line of torque tools and calibration equipment in the industry. Since 1984 Sturtevant Richmont has been owned and operated by the Reynertson family and still produces the highest quality torque tools in the industry. Our torque tools are used in more than forty countries around the world, under the sea, and up in space. Sturtevant Richmont tools are used anywhere tool failure is not an option. Headquartered in Carol Stream, Illinois, we provide global reach with local support. Visit us online at

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