Stud Welder makes welds without reverse side marring.

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With weld times of 0.01 sec and charge time of under 3 sec, Capacitor Discharge (CD) 110 Stud Welder may be used for contact and gap CD stud welding. Abbreviated weld time minimizes heat buildup, resulting in minimal discoloration, burning, or reverse side dimples. Unit achieves single-sided welds with minimal distortion on materials as thin as 0.020 in. and offers 110,000 µF of user-selectable capacitance to handle up to 3/8 steel weld studs.

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Image's CD110 Offers Clean, Fast Welds with No Reverse Side Marring

Image Industries, Inc., a leader in stud welding, offers the Capacitor Discharge (CD) 110 Stud Welder, which enables extremely fast welds with a clean, attractive appearance. The CD110 saves production time and cost with short weld times of 0.01 seconds, and a charge time of less than three seconds. The CD110 may be used for both Contact and Gap CD stud welding. It achieves reliable one-sided welds with minimal distortion on a wide variety of materials as thin as 0.020" (0.5mm). Materials include carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and brass. The CD110 is ideal for such applications as cookware, electrical, computer and telephone communication enclosures, hardware, and doors.

The CD110 is often used when appearance is crucial because its short weld times minimize heat buildup, resulting in very little discoloration, burning, or reverse side dimples. Productivity is enhanced via the elimination of steps such as drilling and tapping. The CD110 offers 110,000 microfarads of capacitance to handle up to 3/8 steel weld studs. The user selectable capacitance allows the weld settings to be tailored to the application.

Standard CD110 features include a Digital Voltage Meter, Voltage Adjustable Up and Down, Automatic Over-Voltage Protection, Selectable Capacitance for Enhanced Welding, Status LEDs, and a Demand Fan for maximum throughput. Microprocessor control provides uncompromising operator safety, including checks for failure of key power components.

As a leader in the manufacturing of fasteners and stud welding equipment, Image is known for providing application expertise, exceptional customer service, and value-added assembly solutions to help customers meet their most demanding fastening requirements. To learn how Image can meet your fastening needs, please contact us at 11220 East Main Street, Huntley, IL 60142; phone: (847) 659-0100, or toll-free (800) 722-7883; fax: (847) 659-0108; or e-mail:

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