Stuck Heater Solutions: Cut Your Heating Costs

A situation was described where a 20" long heater got stuck in the bore and cost the customer many hours of down-time to remove the heater. The study said that the customer called this manufacturer for an answer to their "sticky" situation.

They had two suggestions ... the first being that the customer should use two 10" heaters coming in from each side of the bore and affix a hex nut to each heater so that it could be broken free with a wrench. They also suggested coating the heater with an MgO based solution. Their other solution is using a knock-out tool that is the same size as the heater, so the customer would not mushroom the heater when pounding it out.

O.K. ... so how about using a Watt-Flex® split-sheath cartridge heater? Energize it and it expands for superior heat conductivity ... de-energize it and it contracts for warranted ease of removal. No down-time, no damage to the bore, no maintenance hours required. Very simply: Cut Your Cost Of Heating !!!

Dalton Electric Heating Co., Inc was founded in 1921 to manufacture industrial heaters.

Since 1989 we manufacture all our heaters in Ipswich Massachusetts

Today, Dalton's Watt-Flex Cartridge Heaters and Diff-Therm Platen heaters are used throughout the world in manufacturing industries including aerospace, automotive, plastics, composites, and many others.

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