Structural Steel offers minimum yield strength of 1,200 MPa.

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Available in strip width of 1,500 mm and thicknesses of 4-8 mm, Domex 1200 high-strength, hot-rolled structural steel is designed for slender structures such as outer ends of crane booms and top profiles of dumper truck bodies that must be capable of withstanding high stresses. With low topography surface finish, it comes with machining properties and low content of alloying elements. Suited for bending and welding, steel can be bent to tight radii.

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Domex 1200 - A Worldwide Steel for Stronger Structures

11 March 2008 SSAB Tunnplat is now launching the world's ultimate ultra-high strength, hot-rolled structural steel from strip. Domex 1200 opens the door to stronger structures in applications such as cranes, containers and heavy vehicles. The steel will be unveiled at the ESEF 2008 in Utrecht on 11-14 March. With its minimum yield strength of 1200 MPa, the new Domex 1200 sets a new standard for ultra-high strength structural steels from strip. The new steel has been developed for use in slender structures that must be capable of withstanding very high stresses. "The outer ends of crane booms and the top profiles of dumper truck bodies are a couple of typical examples for which Domex 1200 is very well suited," says Berit Arvidsson, Product Manager for Domex at SSAB Tunnplt. "We have tested the steel together with some of our customers during the development process, and we are now building up a knowledge bank for the new steel. We have begun studies for various applications and we expect to be able to offer support to our customers in the form of knowledge, service and support, to enable them to draw maximum benefit from this steel in their products." Easy to bend and weld In addition to the high strength, a further characteristic of Domex 1200 is its good surface finish. "The surface has low topography, which means that it is very smooth," continues Berit Arvidsson. "The benefit is that it is easier to achieve good painting results, and that the surface friction is low, which is beneficial in telescopic cranes." The steel also has good machining properties, and is well suited for bending and welding. In spite of the high strength, the steel can be bent to tight radii. "The material has a low content of alloying elements, is very pure, and is produced in a meticulously controlled process," says Berit Arvidsson when explaining the properties of the steel. "This steel consolidates our position as world leader in hot-rolled, ultra-high strength steels from strip." Domex 1200 will be available in a strip width of 1500 millimetres and in thicknesses of between 4 and 8 millimetres. SSAB has produced a wide range of test sheets that can be ordered in various fixed lengths of between 3 and 12 metres. Text and digital picture can be downloaded from SSAB, a global niche producer of high strength steel with a leading market position and productivity, develops solutions in order to increase the competitiveness of its customers. For further information: Kevin Kale SSAB Swedish Steel Inc. 4700 Grand Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15225 Tel: +1-412 269 21 20 Fax: +1-412 269 21 24 E-mail: Anders Sorman Project Manager Market Communication SSAB Tunnplat AB Phone: +46 243 710 80 (direct line) Mobile: +46 70 221 93 26 Fax: +46 243 720 00 E-mail:

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