Stretch Wrapping System eliminates double handling.

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Portable Model Q300XT Plus automatically attaches and cuts film, allowing forklift operator to drive up, position unwrapped load onto turntable, start machine using lanyard switch, and drive away. Indexing arm transfers wrapped load to exit conveyor section to keep wrap zone open and ready for next load. System runs on 115 V, 20 A and operates with touch membrane panel featuring color coded operating functions. No pneumatic hookup is required.

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New Q300XT Plus Stretch Wrapping System from Lantech Eliminates Double Handling and Keeps Forktrucks Moving

Louisville, KY - Lantech's new Q300XT Plus Stretch Wrapping System solves double handling problems common with standard stretch wrapping systems. The Q300XT Plus automatically attaches and cuts the film, allowing your forktruck operator to simply drive up, position the unwrapped load onto the turntable, start the machine with a lanyard switch, and drive away - without ever getting off the forktruck. And, once the load is wrapped, the Q300XT Plus system uses a unique indexing "arm" to transfer the wrapped load to an exit conveyor section to keep
your wrap zone always "open and ready" for the next load. Additional conveyor sections can be added to create an accumulation zone during peak production.

Eliminating overhandling of loads through Simple Automation(TM) provides many advantages including reducing the potential for product damage during handling, reducing forktruck operator exposure to safety hazards when getting on and off the forktruck, and reducing wear and tear on forktruck equipment. The efficiency gained through Simple Automation(TM) means you can free up your forktruck for other uses or possibly eliminate a forktruck and the associated operating and maintenance costs.

The Q300XT Plus system has a small footprint, standard electrics (115V, 20 Amp), no pneumatic hookup required, and portability. The system is easy to operate with a touch membrane panel featuring color coded operating functions for quick, clear identification. And, the entire system is backed by a full three-year, unlimited cycle, all component warranty.

Lantech's packaging solutions include semi-automatic and automatic stretch wrapping systems, palletizing-stretch wrapper systems, automatic case erectors, shrink tunnels, shrink wrappers and Lantech-built conveyor and control systems. Headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky with manufacturing operations in the US and the Netherlands, Lantech is the world's largest manufacturer of stretch wrapping and bundling systems with products sold and serviced through the U.S. and around the world by a network of more than 150 distributor locations. Visit the Lantech web site at for more product information, Lantech news and events, and more.

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