Street Luminaires feature Sealsafe® optical system.

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Crafted of aluminum and glass, Hestia Luminaires utilize metal halide ceramic arc tube lamps up to 150 W. Units are designed around Sealsafe® optics, which feature one-piece, anodized, brightened and hydroformed aluminum reflector permanently sealed on tempered glass sag lens. High-pressure die-cast aluminum lamp access mechanism protects interior of optical system. To ensure lifetime protection, hermetically sealed optical unit prevents dust and water ingress to IP66 standard.

Original Press Release:

Schreder Lighting USA Introduces High Styled, Compact "Hestia" Street Luminaires Featuring Sealsafe(R) Optical System, in the US

Chicago, Illinois--- Integrating a compact design with high photometric performance and style in street lighting, Schreder Lighting USA introduces Hestia luminaires with the world-famous Sealsafe(R) Optical System, in the United States. Schreder Lighting USA, the newest of the 40-member Schreder Group G.I.E. located in 36 countries on four continents, is marketing the Schreder brand in the fields of Public Lighting, Floodlighting, Tunnel/Transit Lighting, Industrial and Urban Lighting.

Crafted of aluminum and glass, the Hestia was designed around a new concept of lighting: the Sealsafe micro-reflector. Less space for the optical compartment signifies more space for the creative freedom granted to the designer, including vast opportunities for new forms and new lighting solutions.

Sealsafe optics provides the Hestia with state-of-the-art photometric performance. The optics feature a one-piece, anodized, brightened and hydroformed aluminum reflector permanently sealed on a tempered glass sag lens. A high-pressure die-cast aluminum lamp access mechanism protects the interior of the optical system, providing longlasting photometric performance. The hermetically sealed optical unit prevents dust and water ingress to the IP66 tightness standard while ensuring lifetime protection. Robustly constructed of 99.9 percent pure cast aluminum and designed with a reflector bonded to its lens, Sealsafe's high-performance reflectors enhance lighting performance while eliminating internal cleaning of the reflector, energy and installation costs.

The Right Lighting is achieved with optimal tubular "point source" lamp positioning inside the optical unit while illuminating the installation parameters, and delivering a higher level of light flux spread on the ground surface without light pollution and spillage. Hestia luminaires increase public safety and reduce crime and fear by transforming the mindset of citizens living and working in urban areas.

Hestia is designed with a retaining latch under the luminaire that is easily accessible and can be opened without tools.

Once the luminaire is open, the lamp is easily accessible via the high-pressure die-cast aluminum Sealsafe 1/4-turn mechanism. All electrical components are mounted on a ballast tray, which is secured to the housing.

The Hestia utilizes metal halide ceramic arc tube lamps, ranging up to 150 watts. The Hestia ensemble allows various installation heights according to the types of luminaire selected, helping to achieve aesthetic coherence across various types of applications within a town or area. Hestia delivers the perfect street lighting solution with an elegant, compact luminaire rich in style and photometric performance.

The Hestia is often used in combination with the Hestia Extreme, where the small Hestia is used to light pedestrian walkways and the Hestia Extreme to light the roads. The Hestia Extreme is an aesthetically designed roadway luminaire that meets both style and performance. The Hestia Extreme also stands out with its power door that holds all the electrical components. The door is easily removed without tools to facilitate maintenance. This larger version of the Hestia series allows for a greater range of lamp wattages and mounting heights.

About Schreder Lighting USA

Founded in 1927 in Belgium, Schreder Group G.I.E. is an international group that specializes in upscale, architectural outdoor lighting that is at the forefront of technological and aesthetic innovation. The members and affiliated companies of the Schreder Group share facilities and powerful, state-of-the-art tools for R&D, manufacturing, high-level photometric studies, and laboratory testing. Findings are made available to all companies in the group with the purpose of providing clients with the best options for the "Right Lighting".

The "Right Lighting" Motto pertains to the enabling of design performance criteria that best incorporates economical, ecological, and energy efficient fundamentals.

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