Stratus and INETCO Combine Expertise for Robust Business Transaction Intelligence Solution

Helps ATM and POS network operators optimize payment processing with real-time monitoring and analysis

LAS VEGAS, Nov. 14 -- BAI Retail Delivery Conference & Expo -- Stratus Technologies, Inc., maker of the world's most reliable servers, and INETCO Systems Ltd., a leader in business transaction intelligence software and communications gateway products for retail and payments industries, announced today that INETCO has signed an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) agreement with Stratus. Products from the two companies comprise an end-to-end solution for real-time transaction monitoring, logging and analysis of ATM and POS transaction flow and network performance on an ultra-reliable platform that delivers exceptional business-process uptime. Further, INETCO provides a communication gateway solution for customers with legacy protocol connectivity requirements for migrating transaction-driving applications to industry- standard Stratus hardware.

INETCO Insight is a revolutionary technology that enables POS and ATM network operators to closely manage payment transaction performance at the product, customer and service levels for optimal service-quality delivery. INETCO Insight monitors application and network performance in real time, alerting operators to anomalies in transaction flow, such as slow processing or failures related to a particular card type, terminal or upstream host. INETCO Insight helps operators alleviate the risks associated with server migrations and ensures ongoing performance through pre- and post- deployment assessments, proactive monitoring, real-time network health checks, and automated alert notification on network performance deviations and transaction anomalies. With INETCO Insight, running on a Stratus fault-tolerant ftServer system with Windows support, retailers and ATM network operators are assured of field-tested uptime reliability in excess of 99.999 percent availability.

"The real value of any partnership is the incremental benefit it delivers to customers," said Philip Izzo, Stratus director of financial services. "That is what the Stratus and INETCO partnership represents. Extracting real-time business intelligence from ATM and POS networks to improve customer services and maximize business value implies a need for continuous availability of the application and network services, which is the value Stratus brings to the equation."

The current Stratus® ftServer® systems family, announced earlier this year, is the company's fourth generation of Intel processor-based fault- tolerant servers. The models ftServer 2500, 4400 and 6200 systems all use multi-core processors, delivering superior processing power and greater I/O and memory capacity than previous models. The ftServer family allows for wide- ranging configurability, workload support and IT budgets in Windows and Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating environments. A fault tolerant server, which comprises redundant components running in lockstep, automatically provides zero failover time and protection for critical data in memory, as well as on disk, in the event of a component failure; processing continues without interruption, and unplanned downtime is eliminated.

"The combination of fault-tolerant ftServer systems with INETCO's business transaction intelligence and communication gateway products equates to a highly reliable end-to-end customer solution," said Bijan Sanii, president and CEO, INETCO Systems Ltd. "Stratus and INETCO together offer the ideal combination of risk-free technology performance and cost, with uninterrupted up-time functionality."

Customers with transaction processing applications based on the Stratus VOS operating system and running on the Stratus Continuum legacy switch also look to INETCO for its communications gateway product, BankLink, when migrating their application to Stratus' Intel processor-based ftServer V Series platform. BankLink provides a simple TCP/IP protocol conversion interface that allows VOS-based applications moved to V Series to communicate with ATMs, POS terminals, bank hosts and payment networks via any legacy protocol. With BankLink, a V Series migration can be completed with no impact to the ATMs or the host system.

INETCO and Stratus will be demonstrating their joint solution at the BAI Retail Delivery Conference and Expo on November 13-15 at booth 856.

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Stratus Technologies is a global solutions provider focused exclusively on helping its customers achieve and sustain the availability of information systems that support their critical business processes. Based upon its 27 years of expertise in server and services technology for continuous availability, Stratus is a trusted solutions provider to customers in manufacturing, life sciences, telecommunications, financial services, public safety, transportation & logistics, and other industries. For more information, visit

INETCO Systems Limited provides business transaction intelligence software and communications gateway products for the retail and financial payments industries. With products deployed in over 50 countries, INETCO is a worldwide technology leader in the payments space. INETCO's growing customer and partner base includes retailers, payment solution providers, carriers and financial institutions such as Stratus Technologies, Triton (Calypso), Diebold, Petro- Canada, Nokia-Siemens, and Telecom New Zealand (Gen-i). INETCO is based in Vancouver, British Columbia. For more information, visit

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