Stratophase to Showcase Real-Time, In-Line Process Monitoring System at EFIB 2010

Romsey, UK - Stratophase, a specialist in real-time chemical and biochemical measurement, is presenting its SpectroSens technology for real-time, in-line process profiling of industrial bioprocesses at the European Forum for Industrial Biotechnology (EFIB 2010), 19 - 21 October, Edinburgh, UK.

The SpectroSens technology brings together proven science from the telecoms, optics and biotech industries, and uses refractive index and temperature measurements to provide real-time, in-line monitoring of complex and time-dependent processes. This gives increased understanding and control of the manufacturing process, offering potential economical and environmental benefits associated with improved yields, and reduced waste and energy consumption.

The high sampling rate of the SpectroSens system allows for kinematic data to be captured in addition to the overall refractive index and temperature profiles, thereby enabling key points within the manufacturing process to be easily identified. This means that any deviation in the production process is almost instantly noticeable, enabling any problems to be corrected or the production process stopped. Valuable time, money and resources can be saved therefore, when compared with identifying a problem during post-production quality control. Being an optical sensing system, the SpectroSens technology is passive and spark-free and so is also intrinsically safe.

"We're looking forward to demonstrating the benefits of the SpectroSens system at EFIB", said Dr Sam Watts, Stratophase's Business Development & Commercial Officer. "Currently it is being developed for a number of applications in industrial process measurement, including biofuel production, biorefining, fermentation, as well as biodetection, and we have a number of organisations that are coming to the end of successful trials. In addition, earlier this year we announced lead in a £1.2m project aimed at maximising yield and minimising waste within high value manufacturing processes using the SpectroSens system. The project is funded with assistance from the UK government-sponsored Technology Strategy Board, and involves a consortium that includes GlaxoSmithKline, Green Biologics and the Centre for Process Innovation."

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About Stratophase:

Stratophase is a VC-funded spin-out from the University of Southampton in the UK. Its unique SpectroSens technology is an optical microchip sensor which measures chemical processes and detects biological targets. This core optical measurement technology can be realised in a vast array of sensing heads, offering a wide variety of system configurations applicable to a broad spectrum of industries including chemical and biochemical production as well as biological detection.

The Stratophase team, guided by CEO Dr Richard Williams, includes the original inventors of the SpectroSens technology as well as senior managers with a vast array of industry experience


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