Strain Gage Layer provides 18-bit resolution.

Press Release Summary:

Designed for PowerDNA distributed I/O cube family, PowerDNA Model DNA-AI-208 Analog Input Strain Gage layer allows engineers to distribute and monitor strain gage measurements close to test source throughout PC-based Ethernet test environment. Unit provides internal excitation of sensors and has 8 isolated differential channels, max sampling rate of 1 kHz/channel, 2 wiring schemes, overvoltage protection, and software for onboard shunt calibration.

Original Press Release:

UEI Announces Industry-Leading Analog Input Strain Gage Layer for its PowerDNA Family

18-bit Resolution and Internal Excitation of Sensors Offers Engineers Compact Solution for Easy Distribution and Monitoring of Measurements

Canton, MA: May 13, 2005 - United Electronics Industries, Inc. (UEI) today announces its new DNA-AI-208 PowerDNA Analog Input Strain Gage layer for its compact PowerDNA distributed I/O cube family. This layer offers high-end Strain Gage features in a compact, standalone form factor allowing engineers to distribute and monitor strain gauge measurements closer to the test source throughout a PC-based Ethernet test environment.

Depending on a model, single PowerDNA Cube can feature either 24 or 48 strain gage inputs. The DNA-AI-208 layer contains internally excited sensors, 18-bit resolution and shunt calibration providing a technically rich and high value solution for the data acquisition engineer.

"By bringing 18-bit resolution and internal excitation of sensors through programmable voltage in a compact, standalone form factor, we believe we are delivering to customers a higher value, more technically rich solution," said Shaun Miller, president of UEI. This industry-leading solution will help customers make and monitor more exact measurements at a lower price point in a single or distributed environment."

Technical Information:
The DNA-AI-208 PowerDNA Analog Input Strain Gage layer includes 8 isolated fully differential channels; a maximum sampling rate of 1kHz per channel; 18-bit resolution; 2 wiring schemes (4 and 6-wire); Gains of 1,2,4,8,10,20,40, 80,100,200,400,800); overvoltage protection (-40V.. +55V); full-, half- and quarter-bridge configurations, and software for onboard shunt calibration.

The DNA-AI-208 layer has 8 differential input channels designed for direct measurement of full bridge strain gages, load cells, force sensors, torque sensors as well as any other full-bridge circuitry based sensors. Quarter-bridge and half-bridge gages can be measured using customer supplied external resistors. There are two programmable 14-bit excitation voltage sources with voltage levels from 1.5V to 10.05V. Extensive range of gains and 18-bit resolution allows connection with various low-level signs directly to the differential inputs of the layer.

Price and Availability
The DNA-AI-208 sells for $1200 and ships within 2-3 week ARO. Full details about this layer including test results are available at The PowerDNA Software Suite comes free of charge. For more information about this or any other UEI hardware or software products, users can go to or call 781-821-2890.

About PowerDNA
PowerDNA- Distributed Networked Automation, Acquisition and Control-is an extremely compact Cube (4 x 4 x 4" or 4 x 4 x 6") that users can connect to an Ethernet-based network for distributed data acquisition and control. Users can daisychain as many as 64 Cubes to one network port. A PowerDNA Cube consists of a core module (that holds a network power layer and a processor layer) along with either three or six open layers. UEI supplies a complete family of I/O layers including analog input (with resolutions of 16, 18 or 24 bits, inputs to 100V or 0-20 mA), analog output (to 40V), digital input/output, frequency measurements, CAN bus interface, multiport RS-485 and RS-232, and power conversion layers that can generate power for local sensors. A full description of PowerDNA is available at

About United Electronic Industries, Inc
Known as "The High-Performance Alternative," UEI (Canton, MA, is a supplier of leading-edge PowerDAQ PCI- and PXI-based data acquisition cards, the PowerDNA Ethernet-based distributed data-acquisition and automation system, signal-conditioning accessories and software. In particular, it has emerged as a market leader in the field of hard realtime data acquisition on PCs through its support of realtime Linux implementations and commercial RTOSs. A proprietary protocol on the PowerDNA Cube gives Ethernet-based I/O systems true realtime performance, but the system also runs with conventional Ethernet protocols, as well. Among the firm's major markets are sophisticated production test systems, process monitoring and control as well as research/development.

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