Storage Case protects medical supplies in transit.

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Affording EMS professionals resilient and portable medical supply protection, 1460EMS Case is engineered with open cell-core wall, polymer construction that protects sensitive equipment from harsh conditions. Integral 3-level, fully customizable tray system lifts out of case on reinforced stainless steel brackets, and lockable tray section enables secure controlled substance storage. Able to be washed and sterilized, case also features automatic pressure equalization valve.

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Pelican(TM) Launches the 1460EMS Case

TORRANCE, CA - To offer EMS professionals a legendarily tough, portable medical supply protection solution, Pelican Products has introduced the 1460EMS Case.

Easily washed and sterilized, the 1460EMS Case is engineered with an open cell-core wall, polymer construction that protects sensitive equipment from the harshest conditions in the world.

The 1460EMS Case features a three-level, fully customizable tray system that lifts out of the case on reinforced stainless steel brackets. It also offers a lockable tray section for secure controlled substance storage.

To ensure stability, the case lid opens 180 degrees to form a wide base when it's being used. For added security, the top tray and case lid work together as a seal that prevents tray compartment contents from spilling out into the case while it's being transported. For easy transport the case also comes with a nylon shoulder strap and a bracket/strap that allows the user to carry any sized sharps needle container (sold separately) along with the case.

Standard features include a lid equipped with a polymer o-ring for a dust/water-resistant seal and two dual action latches that have been tested to withstand nearly 400 pounds of pressure (but open with a light pull). The 1460EMS Case sports an integrated automatic pressure equalization valve that keeps moisture out and prevents vacuum lock, ensuring the case is easier to open at any altitude. Two over molded rubberized grips are standard on each side and a handle on top of the case is also featured. Genuine Pelican Cases are fully stackable for optimal space efficiency and can always be spotted by their distinctive, trademarked "Dual Band" design.

The 1460EMS Case is also available with standard Pick N Pluck(TM) foam and without racks for general protection needs as the 1460 Case. Available in black and orange, the 1460EMS Case has an MSRP of $339.95 and is backed by the Pelican Products Lifetime Guarantee of Excellence.

Pelican(TM) Products, Inc. is the global leader in the design and manufacture of advanced lighting systems and virtually indestructible cases. After acquiring Hardigg Industries in December 2008, the company now operates in 12 countries, with 22 offices and six manufacturing facilities across the globe. For more information, visit, or

Contact: Keith Swenson, Pelican Products, Inc., (310) 326-4700, (800) 473-5422

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