Stock Shapes for Food Processing Improve Food Plant Productivity and Safety

The Ensinger's food grade products provide ways to increase efficiency of food processing equipment while reducing downtime and the risk of product contamination. These food grade products offer typical thermoplastics advantages such as lighter weight, self lubrication, and corrosion/chemical resistance. In addition, Ensinger recently introduced TECAFORM® FG Blue, TECAFORM® AH ID, and TECAPEEK® ID which offer enhanced visual and metal detection capabilities.

These new Ensinger products offer opportunities to replace metals with plastic components in food processing environments. For example, the use of TECAFORM® AH ID to replace standard acetal in beef patty forming equipment provides the benefits of plastic over metal while increasing product safety because of its metal detectable nature. Should plastic shards result from missing alignment of the plastic during patty production, any product contamination is likely to be quickly identified and quarantined using standard metal detection equipment prior to packaging, reducing the possibility of costly product recalls. Beverage filling and packaging equipment is another area of food processing that can benefit from the use of Ensinger food grade products.

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