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Stock Plan Administration Software simplifies FAS 123R reporting.

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Oct 09, 2009 - SaaS equity management and compliance system v6.2 offers streamlined approach to tracking complex vesting schedules for stock plan administration. Live daily updates of peer group stock closing prices, used to calculate volatility, simplify FAS 123R reporting, and program includes daily updates from Federal Reserve site for interest rate calculations. Document export feature produces copies of minute book and other legal documents in connection with due diligence requests.

Two Step Software, Inc. - Needham, MA

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Two Step Software Announces New Features that Simplify Equity Management and FAS 123R Reporting

Press release date: Oct 05, 2009

Latest Release Streamlines Stock Certificate Printing and Volatility Calculations for Peer Companies

NEEDHAM, Mass., Oct. 5 / / - Two Step Software, Inc., a leader in equity management and online minute book solutions, offers CFOs and lawyers faster stock option administration and document production with the latest release of its SaaS equity management and compliance system.

"Given today's business climate, finance needs better FAS 123R reporting," explains Gary D. Levine, President and CEO of Two Step Software.

The new equity management features in Version 6.2 make stock plan administration, FAS 123R compliance, and year-end reporting even faster and easier. For stock plan administration, the new release offers a more streamlined approach to tracking complex vesting schedules. With FAS 123R reporting, Version 6.2 features live daily updates of peer group stock closing prices which are used for calculating volatility. It also includes daily updates from the Federal Reserve website for interest rate calculations. Using the system's centralized data, users and auditors are able to create detailed reports providing the critical backup details on how each value is generated.

The latest release of the system also improves the stock certificate printing process by enabling two-sided printing. Users can now print the certificate design onto blank paper along with the stockholder data, eliminating the need to purchase pre-printed forms from legal stationary stores. In addition, the software offers a document export feature that can significantly reduce the time spent producing copies of minute book and other legal documents in connection with a due diligence request.

Version 6.2 includes a number of other improvements that enhance productivity for CFOs and attorneys, such as expedited search-by-name functionality and support for Internet Explorer 8. The new release is available now for all customers. More information can be found on the Two Step Software website.

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Two Step Software, Inc. offers the online applications Corporate Focus(TM) and Equity Focus(TM), equity management and online minute book solutions used by law firms, financial executives, stock plan administrators, and corporate legal departments to track corporate records for more than 200,000 companies. The company is located in Needham, Massachusetts. For more information, visit their website at: or call: (800) 223-8900.

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