Stock Filled PTFE Shapes Create Bearings that Embed into Shaft

A line of filled PTFE stock shapes for machining self-lubricated bearings for automotive, off-road, construction equipment, food processing, material handling, industrial, marine, and other applications is being introduced by Jade Engineered Plastics, Inc. of Bristol, Rhode Island.

Jade JLON(TM) PTFE Stock Bearing Shapes are offered in 3/8" to 36" O.D. sizes for machining self-lubricated bearings that embed and transfer into a shaft to create an interfacing surface which reduces the coefficient of friction. Suited for a wide range of applications, they come in four specialized wear- resistant formulations that will not rust and provide zero water absorption.

Jade JLON(TM)-2100 is a high impact material for softer mating surfaces such as brass, copper, and aluminum and operates at a PV value up to 10,000 from -400°F to +550°F; JLON(TM)-4200 is tough, operates up to 10,000 PV dry and is ideal for rotary and linear bearings; JLON(TM)-5500 that is all polymeric and great for start/stop applications; and JLON(TM)-7000 is FDA approved.

Jade JLON(TM) PTFE Stock Bearing Shapes are priced according to series, size, and quantity. Samples and price quotations are available upon request.

For more information contact:
Jade Engineered Plastics, Inc.
Lee Holland, VP Sales
121 Broad Common Rd.
Bristol, RI 02809
(800) 787-1729 FAX (401) 253-1605

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