Sto Corp. Life Cycle Study Proves EIFS Outperforms Other Claddings

** 50 Year Product Life Tops in the Industry **

ATLANTA - (September 25, 2009) Sto Corp., the innovative world leading manufacturer of energy-efficient cladding systems and high performance architectural coatings, has released a life-cycle study of Sto engineered claddings systems showing they outperform other wall claddings over a full 50-year product life.

This new Life-Cycle Inventory (LCI) of wall cladding products was conducted to compare energy use and environmental impacts associated with several residential wall types. Three Sto Corp. cladding systems - StoTherm® NExT EIFS, StoPowerwall(TM) NExT stucco, and StoQuik® Silver NExT cement-board stucco - were analyzed and compared to typical brick and stucco walls, with and without foam insulation, for a typical residential property.

The LCI results demonstrated good life-cycle performance of the Sto cladding systems in terms of waste, emissions, and energy used in production, construction and building operations. In particular, StoTherm NExT EIFS claddings excel in reducing life-cycle energy use and greenhouse-gas emissions. Key findings included:

o StoTherm NExT EIFS required the least production energy (manufacturing phase) of the insulated claddings. In the "cradle-to-wall" phase, StoTherm NExT also requires the least energy.

o In operations, uninsulated brick and stucco consume about twice as much heating/cooling energy as StoTherm NExT.

o Over the full 50-year life cycle, energy demand is lower for StoTherm NExT than for uninsulated brick or stucco.

o All the Sto Corp. systems, including StoTherm NExT, contribute less solid waste than typical brick or stucco.

o StoTherm NExT has the lowest total greenhouse-gas emissions.

"Using StoTherm NExT is the ideal way to clad a project that will perform efficiently and protect the way no other cladding can," said David Boivin, President and CEO of Sto Corp. "The system approach of using EIFS plus a superior waterproof air barrier allows architects to confidently design a structure that is both energy efficient and durable."

Boivin, who is also the President of the EIFS Industry Members Association (EIMA), stated that EIFS provide distinct advantages over typical claddings such as brick. This is true in all of the areas studied, including energy use, greenhouse gas emissions, and solid waste production.

Copies of the LCI are available at:$file/life+cycle+sm.pdf

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