Stepper Motor Indexer/Driver works with Allen-Bradley PLCs.

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Offered as 6.0 A RMS line-powered stepper motor controller/driver, SD17060E eliminates need for separate controller in PLC. Stepper axes can be added by attaching another SD17060E to Allen-Bradley Ethernet IP network, and vari-step velocity control provides optimal smoothness and performance independent of user's configured resolution. Along with programmable electronic gear ratios, features include microstepping, programmable current output, and anti-resonance circuitry.

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Ethernet IP Stepper Indexer/Driver Designed for Allen-Bradley PLCs

AMCI releases a powerful 6.0 Amp RMS line powered stepper motor controller/driver that connects to Allen-Bradley's popular Ethernet IP industrial network. This integrated stepper indexer/driver( money and simplifies installation by eliminating the need for a separate controller in the PLC. Microstepping, programmable current output, and anti-resonance circuitry are all standard features.

Terryville, CT September, 22 2008 - AMCI (Advanced Micro Controls Inc.) has released the 6.0 Amp SD17060E stepper motor indexer/driver that is designed specifically for Allen-Bradley's Ethernet IP industrial network. This integrated stepper indexer/driver saves customers time, money, and space because it eliminates the need for a separate stepper controller in the PLC. Plus, adding stepper axes is very easy; users simply attach another SD17060E to their Ethernet IP network. "The SD17060E stepper indexer/driver for Ethernet IP is an extension of AMCI's product alignment with Allen-Bradley PLCs. Our role as an Encompass Partner is to develop value-driven products, capable of enhancing or extending Rockwell Automation's efforts in the field of Stepper Motor Controls - AMCI's SD17060E meets that goal" explained Matt Tellier, AMCI Application Specialist.

Besides connectivity to Allen Bradley's Ethernet IP industrial network, AMCI's SD17060E boasts many features that set it apart from conventional stepper motor drivers. The SD17060E stepper controller/driver features anti-resonance circuitry that eliminates motor shaft jitter, unwanted vibration and stalling. The SD17060E also uses vari-step velocity control, providing exceptional smoothness and performance independent of the user's configured resolution. Smoothness is guaranteed even at the lowest resolutions. Mechanically, a narrow and compact design saves space, and versatile mounting options allow for panel or side installation.

Plus, customers who want their stepper motor to follow an encoder ( will value the SD17060E's Electronic Gearing feature. Electronic gear ratios are programmable, making it easy and affordable to reconfigure applications.

Standard AMCI safeguards also remain; including an interlock connection to prevent injury if the motor connector is removed while the driver is powered. Additional safety measures include short circuit protection - phase to phase and phase to ground, and over temperature circuitry.

AMCI's experience with industrial network controls span 8 years. In 2000 AMCI launched their NEXUS family of controllers that are compatible with five different networks. Customers requiring network ready sensor interfaces and/or multi-axis stepper control praise the products' flexibility and hassle free network integration. In the years following, AMCI expanded their networked products to include integrated stepper motor controller/drivers. The SD17060E stepper motor indexer/driver represents years of product research and development. "Today's stepper control applications demand value. Customers want a flexible solution that is cost effective, easy to use, and packed with technology. AMCI's SD17060E stepper controller/driver places the emphasis on simplicity and performance" explained Dave Johnston, AMCI Sales representative.

AMCI is currently taking orders for the SD17060E stepper controller/driver for Ethernet IP. Customers interested in learning more about all of AMCI's stepper motor control products can visit the company's web site

AMCI is a worldwide leader in industrial control products, including the design, manufacture and marketing of PLC modules, rotary sensors, network automation devices, and stepper control products. Both internationally and in the US, its NEXUS, GENESIS, DURACODER, EASYPACK and PRESSPRO brands and products provide the highest value and most reliable performance in the world.

For additional information on AMCI and their products or pricing, visit their web site at or contact them by phone during regular business hours at (860) 585-1254.

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