Stelter & Brinck Can Help Your Plant with Energy and Carbon Management

Last month, an article was published on, titled "Energy and Carbon Management Are Increasingly on Manufacturers' Radar". This article, written by Al Bredenberg, explains manufacturers are increasingly focusing efforts on managing their energy consumption and carbon emission levels. Manufacturers are placing programs in place in order to become more energy efficient, to comply with regulations and standards and to save the company money.

Of the 105 manufacturing sites the Arberdeen Group analyzed for this article, 35% are leaders, whom have continually reduced their energy and emissions levels while improving their bottom line. Other firms should look at the leaders as an example when creating their energy/emissions management programs. The article states that, "These leaders have reduced their energy consumption by an average of 7 percent year over year and emissions 8 percent. Their energy consumption performance has exceeded corporate goals by an average of 13 percent. Their operating margins have exceeded budgeted margins by 14 percent."

Year after year, the numbers yielded by the leaders are the result of strategic planning, consistent improvement, a supportive in-house organization, and the implementation of necessary technologies. These 37 companies have managers who establish and enforce energy and carbon goals. These companies also analyze and monitor their manufacturing process, building and organization, and continually ask themselves "How can we decrease our energy consumption and carbon emissions?" and "Will said solution make a continual improvement and save the company money in the future?"

Stelter & Brinck is one company that manufacturers partner with in order to reduce their emissions and energy consumption levels. Below are the products that Stelter & Brinck can offer firms to aid with their energy and carbon management program.

1. Combustion Services - S&B's services reduce energy and emissions by ensuring proper fuel/air ratio and efficient flame quality.

2. Combustion Services - We help you stay in compliance with National Fire Protection Association, FM, and Gap (IRI) Codes.

3. Combustion Services - Our reports cover very detailed technical information on each piece of your equipment, which enables us to detect performance fluctuations early.

4. Combustion Services - Keeping your systems well maintained will improve profitability by reducing unexpected failures, increased production, improve safety, and increase equipment life.

5. Oxidizers - Designed for emission abatement, S&B oxidizers are EPA destruction efficiency compliance guaranteed.

6. New/ Replacement Low-Emission, Highly-Thermal Efficient Equipment - Outdated equipment or parts may be out of code or may be using more energy than newer, more energy efficient technologies. If your equipment is outdated or your plant is expanding, Stelter & Brinck can design & manufacture new equipment that will meet the best available technology for low emissions and thermal efficiency. Stelter & Brinck can also install, start-up, and maintain (see offerings 1-4) your new systems.

7. Switch from Electric to Natural Gas - Stelter & Brinck can help you can save up to $10/ million BTU/ hour by converting your energy source from electric to gas.

8. Stelter & Brinck Heat Recovery Systems - Fuel Savings of up to 40% are possible when switching to S&B's efficient heat recovery systems. In addition, for each 1 million BTU S&B saves you, your carbon footprint will be reduced by the annual energy use of 10 homes or 2 cars!

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