Stego Offers LED Varioline Enclosure Lights with a Service Life of 60,000 Hrs

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The LED Varioline Enclosure Lights are available in two versions with sizes ranging from 400 to 700 mm. The units come with switching options such as on-off switch, motion detector or connection for an external door contact switch and delivers an output of more than 1,000 Lm / 1,700 Lm with a power consumption of 11 W/16 W. They provide 120° beam angle homogeneous illumination. The varioline light’s tubes are equipped with bright mid-power LEDs.

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Stego Varioline Enclosure Led Lamp: More Light and Variability

Stego introduces the new LED Varioline, the most effective LED enclosure light within the Stego product range so far / Its powerful and homogeneous lighting ensure natural vision and confusion-free color reproduction both key for user safety

The Varioline LED enclosure light from Stego combines bright lighting with compact dimensions. Available in two versions with sizes from 15.75” to 27.6”, 400 to 700 mm, it provides more than 1,000 Lm / 1,700 Lm at a moderate power consumption of 11 W / 16 W. Even large control cabinets are thoroughly illuminated in their depth and height. Its translucent and glare-free rotatable light tube is equipped with bright mid-power LEDs. With a 120° beam angle homogeneous illumination within control cabinets and enclosures is possible. Specially selected LEDs provide a long service life of 60,000 hours, which make the Varioline virtually maintenance-free. The Varioline emits tried-and-tested 6,500 K colored daylight, so users benefit from natural vision conditions and confusion-free color rendition.

All of the Varioline’s variability comes into play; when in addition to excellent lighting extra electrical devices need to be operated. For example, the Varioline LED 121/122 offers an integrated socket for the power connection of laptops or diagnostic devices.

The LED Varioline also features versatile switching options. On-off switch, motion detector or connection for an external door contact switch allow for adaption to the requirements of each individual application. Available in screw or magnet fixed mountings to offer flexible and vibration-proof installation. Daisy chaining makes it easy to configure more extensive lighting situations; as up to eight lamps can be connected serially.

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Communications Director

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