Statoil Chooses Igmas+ for Interactive 3D Gravity and Magnetic Modeling

Dresden, Germany - Today Transinsight announces a five year licensing agreement with Statoil for IGMAS+ (Interactive Geophysical Modeling Assistant), Transinsight's software for interactive hybrid full tensor gravity (FTG) and magnetic modeling. IGMAS+ easily integrates constraining data into interactive modeling processes by visualizing and combining geodata with density/susceptibility models.

In addition to the purchase of corporate software licences, today also marks the beginning of a two- year collaborative research project between Statoil, the Christian-Albrechts-University of Kiel and Transinsight. "True data integration has become more and more important in oil and gas exploration. We need tools that interpret seismic and potential field data simultaneously and allow for interactive 3D interoperability. With IGMAS+ the user can integrate constraining data and visual information into an interactive modeling process for complex 3D geometric configurations. In geophysical prospecting, seismic velocity models can benefit from the support of interactive gravity modeling", says Prof. Dr. Hans-Jürgen Götze, University of Kiel.

Dr. Michael R. Alvers, CEO of Transinsight adds: "We embrace the challenge of improving geophysical modeling techniques. Improved technologies, such as calculations on graphic cards with the GPU, make our software several hundred times faster than in the past. Cloud and grid computing push the limits even further, and allow it to perform calculations that a year ago took days to complete in just a few seconds. In this way the user experiences real-time responses so the interpreter can concentrate on geophysics and geology."


The University focuses its research on Marine and Geosciences and bundles its projects related to the subject of the sea in the "Future Ocean" Cluster of Excellence. The research group "Geophysics and Geoinformation" within the Earth Sciences Department focuses on the interpretation of small and large scale features of the Earth´s lithosphere by developing new interpretative software and immersive visualisation of related structures.


Transinsight develops semantic software products in the field of bioinformatics and geophysics. Developments in bioinformatics include text mining and analysis of biological high-throughput data. Their semantic software platform Enterprise Semantic Intelligence® powers the knowledge-based search systems and, semantic search engines for the next generation. In the area of geophysics the product IGMAS+ is a high performance tool for the Full Tensor Gravity (FTG) Modeling (see also In acknowledgement of the technologies developed by the company, Transinsight has repeatedly been honoured with national and international awards. The firm works in close collaboration with the Dresden University of Technology. Selected customers are: Unilever, BASF, BfR, Statoil, RWE, Abcam and EMBL.

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