Static Ionizer is for use in cell manufacturing facilities.

Press Release Summary:

With built-in fan and ac adaptor, SUNX ER-TF Series Wide Area Static Ionizer allows for self contained installation without need of external power supply or compressed air. It features swivel air outlet for free control over direction of ionized air and quick change needle discharge units for cleaning. Unit has photoelectric finger detection system, eliminating risk of shock. It is available in 400, 600, and 800 mm sizes, each with charge removal time of 1 sec (±1,000 to ±100 V).

Original Press Release:

New Wide Area Ionizer of Flexible Mounting for Cell Production - The SUNX ER-TF Series

August 1, 2008

New Providence, NJ - Panasonic Electric Works Corporation of America today announced the release of new wide area static ionizer, the ER-TF series under SUNX brand. The ER-TF series is a wide area static ionizer designed for use in cell manufacturing facilities. It features a built-in fan unit and included AC adaptor allow for a self contained installation without the need of an external power supply or compressed air. This series expands on the current SUNX ionizer lineup by offering a wide area alternative to the current spot type models, while maintaining the high performance in static charge elimination.

Key Product Features

o Flexible Mounting Options
The ER-TF series features a swivel air outlet for free control over the direction of the ionized air. In addition, the fan unit can also be rotated to allow for mounting directly on a table top, or from above.

o Safe Design
The ER-TF was designed with the user's safety in mind with the addition of a photoelectric, finger detection system. Once an intrusion is detected, the unit will automatically interrupt power to the high voltage circuit, thus eliminating the possibility of accidental shock.

o Easy Maintenance
The ER-TF series features quick change needle discharge units for easy replacement or cleaning. This saves time and effort in maintenance of the system, without the need for any special tools.

o Adjustable Air Flow Settings
The built-in fan unit has four selectable speeds to control the amount of air flow. The user can select the setting needed to properly control ESD while maintaining a comfortable working environment for the employee working the station.

o High Performance Ionization Available in Three Sizes
The ER-TF series is available in three sizes: 400mm, 600mm, and 800mm each with a charge removal time of approximately 1 second (±1000V to ±100V). This, coupled with an excellent ion balance of ±10V or less, results in a highly effective solution for wide area ionization applications.

The SUNX ER-TF series is immediately available from stock.

About Panasonic Electric Works Corporation of America
Panasonic Electric Works Corporation of America is a US subsidiary of Matsushita Electric Works, Ltd, an $11 billion company and major developer, manufacturer and provider of electrical construction, materials, home appliances, residential building materials, automation control products, wiring devices and electronic materials. SUNX is the brand of industrial sensors from SUNX, Ltd, a major affiliated company of Matsushita Electric Works. SUNX brand products are sold through the sales network of Automation Control Systems Division of Panasonic Electric Works for Americas since 2001.

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