Static-Dissipative Paddles protect lined steel pipelines.

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Measuring 1/8 in. thick, grounding paddles protect against static electricity build-up and discharge in PTFE-lined steel pipelines carrying flammable liquids. Products are made of static-dissipative PTFE resin, compression-molded around and through 304 stainless steel, perforated metal insert. Available for lined pipe sizes from 1-6 in., non-contaminating, non-leaching paddles are self-aligning and seat on any 150 lb ANSI lined pipe flange with no gasketing required.

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Static-Dissipative Paddles Protect Lined Steel Pipelines

PTFE-lined steel pipelines carrying flammable liquids are protected from static electricity build-up and discharge by a new economical grounding paddle available from Newson Gale Inc. Due to the large effective capacitance of the PTFE or similar plastic lining against a steel housing, large charges can build up in an active pipeline over a period of several hours, even days. Static build-up in lined pipe gives rise to propagating brush charges, highly energetic lightning-like sparks firing in rapid succession. They have the capability of igniting most flammable atmospheres and even some of the more sensitive dusts. Such high-energy sparks can also produce pinholes in the plastic lining, leading to early corrosion failure of the metal pipe. Unlike more costly fabricated or alloy-based protection, these paddles are produced through a proprietary process using static-dissipative PTFE resin. The resin is compression-moulded around and through a 304 stainless steel, perforated metal insert. After oven sintering the resin completely encapsulates the stainless steel, isolating it from fluid contact while providing a low-resistance, dissipation path for static electricity. Independent laboratory testing has proven that the paddles are non-contaminating and non-leaching, which means that there is no possibility of process contamination. (Test data available upon request.) Assembly is simple, the paddles are self-aligning and seat easily on any 150# ANSI lined pipe flange, with no gasketing required. Standard paddles are available for lined pipe sizes from 1-inch to 6-inches with larger sizes available upon request, all just 1/8th inch thick. The paddle "handle" extends 2 inches above the body of the unit and is predrilled for the attachment of the grounding hardware provided with each unit. Lined-pipe grounding paddles join the comprehensive range of static grounding and bonding equipment, including Cenelectrex® Approved Clamps and Assemblies, available from Newson Gale Inc., the Lakewood, NJ based specialists in static control for hazardous areas. For additional information, contact: Newson Gale Inc., 1072 Madison Ave., Lakewood, NJ 08701. Phone: 732-987-7715. E-Mail: Website:

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