Stanford Solar Car Ranks High at the World Solar Challenge

EcoFlex™ and EcoWire® help student-run organization race to the finish

Elizabeth, NJ – After five days of racing across the Australian Outback, the Stanford Solar Car Project placed fourth in the 2013 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge.

The Stanford team's solar car, Luminos, never broke down during the grueling 2000-mile race along the Australia continent. The Stanford Solar Car project uses Alpha Wire's EcoFlex cable and EcoWire hook-up wire. Luminos, with a carbon-fiber composite body, can attain speeds up to 70 mph.

"Alpha Wire helped the Stanford Solar Car Project develop a highly reliable electronics system that could survive the harsh conditions of the Australian Outback," explains team lead Wesley Ford. "During our extensive pre-race testing in the desert and during our coast-to-coast race we had zero failures with our new Alpha Wire single-conductor and multiconductor cable. This reliability helped our team to have the best race finish in Stanford's history." Luminos used Alpha Wire cable and wire products in various places to save both weight and space, including the headlight to the battery pack connections.

With next World Solar Challenge taking place in 2015, the Stanford team is already gearing up to have an even more ambitious and impressive vehicle. The team was also awarded the David Fewchuk Spirit of the Event award at the 2013 World Challenge.

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